MrSpeakers Alpha PRIME: Impressions and Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by matttcg, Oct 7, 2014.
  1. Nick-s-f
    Ori w/Alpha Pads, shiny!

    Time to have some fun.
  2. Serge Bernamej
    Waiting for your impressions of Oris with Alpha pads.
  3. Nick-s-f
    One thing about Alpha Pads and the Ori, putting them on was insanely difficult. Given the smaller diameter lip and squarish shape of the Alpha Pads, it became quite apparent that they were not made to be put on the Ori. At several points, I was afraid of tearing the lip or ripping out the stitching, but eventually prevailed. Now that they are on, its a super tight fit..I'm actually afraid of removing them. Comfort is improved, they let the headphones hug your head with less clamp.

    As for sound, the upper bass sounds less controlled and thicker, not sure if I like it 100%. The headphone still largely retains its pleasant character and the Alpha pads on the Ori are still a joy to listen to, though I'm not sure if I wanna keep them on. I feel its worth a shot, if only they were less difficult to put on.

    Edit: The Prime with Cowhide pads had little to no change..slightly less upper-mids. It's not as comfy though, bummer.
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  4. Serge Bernamej
    Very interesting! Also surprised about the fit ! Especially since the Alpha pads are seen on so many different cans, I would've imagined an easy fit on a T50rp based headphone.
    From your description I don't think it's worth the pain.
    I'm thinking about the cowhide option now.
  5. Nick-s-f
    Just changed the pads back to cowhide, I literally had to peel the Alpha pads off the headphone, they did not want to let go. Thank goodness they survived, while they did add a slight lift in the upper mids and treble they wonked up the bass a became almost all mid-bass and little else. Back to the Cowhide pads and they sound normal again. Cowhides seem to edge out the other pads for detail and soundstage width, though they need some wear-in time to develop a good seal.
  6. Nick-s-f
    I must say, with some more extensive listening to the Primes I am finding them just as impressive as day one. This being my second set, I can safely say they are a buy it for life headphone. I plan on purchasing a ZMF Eikon in the future and will compare the two someday.
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  7. Serge Bernamej
    Great. i just bought the Atticus a few moments ago. And actually talked with Zach on the phone. Man theese cans look great.
    I think we're hitting the top of the closed backs with be continued.
  8. Nick-s-f
    I think now is a good time to pick up the Att./Eik. because the Cherry and Padauk editions will become ltd. soon (limited future runs of them). I think there's great promise in the Eikon because my only experience with a Biocellulose driver is the TH900. While the 900 had what I would call perfect bass response, I feel it may have been under damped and is quite tonally brighter than I preferred as a result. Zach is known to use extensive damping and testing to get the sound just right..or for his own preferences which is warm and resolving, but never bright.

    @Serge Bernamej Is there an estimated lead time for your Atticus?
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  9. Serge Bernamej
    Yes but many have described a peak around 6k with the Eikon.
    Also a good counterpart to the Prime would be the Atticus in my opinion.
  10. Fungus
    Are the paint issues with the charcoal black cups?
    Which colour looks better in person?
    I usually prefer less offensive colour when it comes to headphones since I want to be incognito when worn in public.
  11. Fungus
    Would I right to say the consensus is more bass impact, treble detail and brighter signature compared to the alpha dog?
  12. Maelob
    In my opinion Primes were more detailed but less bright than alpha Dogs. A more sophisticated sibling LOL. I really miss them.
  13. Serge Bernamej
    Rightly tuned with the dots, the Prime may be currently the best closed backs in the world.
  14. Nick-s-f
    The bass on both is similar in extension with the Alpha dog having slightly more low-bass impact or 'fullness'. However, the Prime wins in bass texture, speed and transparency. The midrange is slightly more laid back or 'distant', but it has less glare than the Dogs.

    Treble detail is similar on both, but I feel the prime has more air or 'space'. I wouldn't say it is brighter than the Alpha Dog, more refined seems to describe it better.

    Soundstage depth, width and imaging are the hallmark difference between the two, the Prime just feels more transparent and true to the recording.
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  15. Nick-s-f
    No doubt, they are a closed headphone that avoids the usual flaws of the breed. Worthy of the moniker 'end-game'.

    Until I hear a Sony R10, I may not rest that case completely. Too bad all the Sony R10s are aging and rare as a green dog.

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