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MrSpeakers Alpha Dog Revealed! - The World's First Production 3D-Printed Headphones

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jude, Aug 9, 2013.
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  1. Delayeed
    That's great news, even more excited now! Going to be using them for everything hopefully.
  2. Delayeed
    Awesome then and yeah I guess the doggie treats and dots will tame it anyway
  3. Maelob
    You will love the ADs great sounding headphone.
  4. a44100Hz

    It seems that I still prefer the AD's. The 400i's sound a bit... hollow in comparison? I may just prefer closed cans, though.
  5. musiclvr
    Closed cans executed masterfully thanks to MrSpeakers!
  6. mysticstryk
    I'd be interested to hear what you think about both these headphones.  I have a 400i and have considered buying an Alpha Dog before they sell out.
  7. swspiers

    I upgraded my AD's to the Primes. But combined with the 400i's, they seem to be the perfect pairing. The same should go with the AD's.
  8. Popeye7
    How long does it to "burn in" the cable? Evidently longer than it takes snake oil to evaporate.
  9. Delayeed
    Just got mine yesterday. They sounded SO weird coming from HD600's

    Feels like these have atleast 3db of extra bass. Really stole all the focus. Had to tune the bassports down 1 full turn and now they are really nice. The mids are not present at all. 1-4k region needs around 3db boost in EQ to sound right and same level comparing to hd 600s :/ Not sure if this is normal but Im kind of worried...

    Other than that the sound is superly detailed and extremely fast with a nice soundstage to go with it
    ( though it isnt as 3d and focused as the hd 600s )
  10. Delayeed
    For anyone giving a **** tuning the bassport one more half turn (1.5) turns total fixed pretty much everything for me lol.
    the ports are almost closed now, but I'm enjoying the sound a LOT more :D
  11. inthere

    You really need to let those burn in at least 100 hours before you start tweaking stuff.
  12. Delayeed
    Thing is though, it sounded super hollow and bassy to me stock, like 6db more bass than my HD 600's and keeping in mind that the hd 600 is a very natural headphone. No amount of break in can fix that. I like them very much now and once I get more used to them I will try to slowly tune the bass back to stock to see how I like them
  13. Delayeed
    Reporting back. Seems like I have to add 4db at 3khz 0.300Q to make these headphones sound exciting and flat to my ears. Anyone having the same experience?
  14. Popeye7

    "Combined with the 400i's"...;can you expand on "perfect pairing"? I have a pair of those 400i's and they don't sound a bit "hollow" (very spacious, in fact), as was mentioned by a44100hz above.
    I am considering either Audeze LCD2 or Alpha Primes. Thanks in advance.
  15. Takeanidea

    Nope I never had the doggie treats and never felt the need to change the sound from the phones in the year I've had mine. The odd change in EQ dependent on what I'm listening to is enough for me. They are a great sounding closed headphone
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