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MrSpeakers Alpha Dog Revealed! - The World's First Production 3D-Printed Headphones

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jude, Aug 9, 2013.
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  1. musiclvr
    Gimme a few days and I will post some concrete impressions as per my own experience. I just received my Alpha Dogs with the DUM cable (terminated in a XLR 4-pin) yesterday. I will be using the Cavalli Audio Liquid Carbon as an amp and the PeachTree Dac iTx or Alo Audio The Key as a DAC.
  2. GTMarauder46
    Looking forward to hearing your impressions - I'm looking to upgrade or if its an upgrade from the Oppo PM3s.
  3. Maelob
    They will be an upgrade from the Oppos in my opinion- better treble extension as well as bass- it is the sound signature i wished the PM-3 had.
  4. GTMarauder46
    Caved in and placed my order today and already shipped!! :)
  5. mrspeakers Contributor

    :)  It's been crazy busy this season!  
    Until this week we were literally back ordered on everything, but the team has been working overtime and 7 days a week to catch up and as of today we have Stock on ALL Alpha and Mad headphones, so we ship within 1 day of order.  
    MrSpeakers Make every day a fun day filled with music and friendship! Stay updated on MrSpeakers at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.
    @funCANS MrSpeakers https://www.mrspeakers.com/ info@mrspeakers.com
  6. iamxLn
    thanks amazing, thanks for all the hard work.
  7. GTMarauder46
    Thanks guys really appreciate the hard work - should have them in time for xmas :)
  8. goodyfresh

    You will not be disappointed, they are GREAT headphones, hell, scratch that, AMAZING headphones, for their price :)  Ever since I got a pair on-loan from @inthere a couple weeks ago, I've been in audio-nirvana [​IMG]

    Now, if only they weren't so big and bulky, I could use them portably >_<
  9. JerseyD

    Goodyfresh, the Alpha Prime takes everything you love about the Alpha Dog and adds more air and sparkle up top. As both are very revealing headphones, upgrading to the DUM cable or another premium cable (like the WyWires Red which we also carry) adds extra detail and finesse. However, your source amp and dac should be of high enough quality for you to want to hear that extra detail :wink:
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  10. musiclvr

    Hi all! So I have had my Alpha Dogs "AD's" (w/4-Pin XLR DUM Cable) for a little over a week now and has thus been a wonderful experience! I have never auditioned a planar magnetic headphone nor have I heard a balanced headphone. I didn't quite know what to expect, but I couldn't pass up the holiday deal MrSpeaker was having for a free cable upgrade. I also "needed" a balanced headphone for my Cavalli Audio Liquid Carbon amplifier. I was able to get my AD's in Midnight Black which is now a discontinued color too. I have not heard the AD's with a standard MrSpeakers cable so YMMV. The following is the audio chain I have been using: Mac>Audirvana+>Schiit Wyrd>PeachTree DAC iTx or the ALO Audio The Key DAC>Cavalli Audio LC Amp.
    What I immediately noticed about the AD's was how unobtrusive yet present the sub-bass is. It makes for a very balanced yet musical presentation. I love EDM so I was right at home. I then cued some Classical/Jazz music and waited to hear how delicate the bass presentation was and...oh man! I was rewarded with a very natural decay yet attaining a very precise leading edge. This type of tonality in the bass left the mids to shine through and, to me, sounds very holographic at times. My AD's came from the factory with two dots in place over the drivers. I have not felt the need to remove or add any as I feel the mids are very natural sounding and very three dimensional. Female vocals are especially alluring and unrestricted. I also am very keen to look for any kind of boxy or nasal sounding male vocals so I am happy to announce that that is not the case at all with the AD's. Acoustic music seems really fleshed out and is presented intimately yet not does not come across as having a collapsed soundstage as a result. I do occasionally get some sibilance from poorly recorded tracks but I am not hearing that it is a result of any kind of peaks in the upper mids or lower treble. I find the treble allows for a above average soundstage. I say that regardless of the fact that the AD is a closed headphone because I auditioned at length headphones that are open backed but sound more in my head and collapsed in this area (i.e Grado PS500). With high resolution tracks the AD's do not seem to take away from the width or height of any of my favorite tracks while allowing for immersive depth into the music. I do not find the treble to be extremely extended though, just not restricted in any way.  I feel that my AKG K702 65th Anniversary Editions ace the AD's in this arena though.This type of presentation is what makes the AD's sound so balanced to me as well as the very flat bass response. I also like how speedy/dynamic the AD's are. This could also be due to the nice synergy I am experiencing with Cavalli Audio LC at the helm. I have not yet felt that any complex passages in my classical collection or Bluegrass Folksongs have ever felt congested.
    Well folks, in closing I find the Alpha Dogs to be neutral in a musical way (if that makes sense) especially when fed more power. My HiFiM8 doesn't quite squeeze that extra solidity with extension that I enjoy from the AD's with the Liquid Carbon. I hope this helps add some insight @GTMarauder46. Cheers, Happy Listening, and Happy Holidays!
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  11. goodyfresh
    As you know, I'm probably going to be getting the iFi Micro iDSD, which I think should be high enough quality for the Primes with DUM cable :)
  12. GTMarauder46
    Thanks for your impressions musiclvr - I hope they pair well with my luxury & precision l5 pro DAP. Now if FedEx can speed up their delivery process lol
    Looks like Tuesday will be xmas for me :D
  13. musiclvr
  14. GTMarauder46
    I wonder if all the DUM cables come with the fabric cover like the one pictured above.
  15. Ableza
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