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MrSpeakers Alpha Dog Revealed! - The World's First Production 3D-Printed Headphones

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jude, Aug 9, 2013.
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  1. lurk
    if there's a photo to it, it would be great! TY
  2. purdah
    You want a photo of a block of wood, well here you go :wink:
    Also, being mostly made from carbon this springs to mind:
    Enjoy :wink:
  3. purdah
    Ok, so I guess you wanted action shots :)
    Here are the pads without the wood support:
    And the pads with the support:
    And a clear shot of where it is placed:
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  4. Takeanidea
    The Mojo is winning a lot of fans and as I said before , to my ears they are doing great things musically to bring out the best of the ADs. And are sufficiently powered to do so.
  5. LustLoveLuck
    Hey guys, for what it's worth, here are my impressions of the alpha dog (upgraded from mad dogs 3.2). 
    I use the bifrost uber dac with the asgard 2 amp hooked into the back of my computer.
    Compared to the mad dog 3.2 the alpha dogs are overall worth the price to me.
         First, I was worried the sound may be slightly more excited, in the highs and more importantly the vocals, than the juicy 3.2 dogs, that is not the case.. more neutral and revealing, however, sibilance is absent unless it's in the recording.
         The bass is much more full with less distortion (a cleaner sound) which allows one to hear the rest of the frequency response better than the mad dogs 3.2. The bass goes down with more authority and you can really tell the difference between midbass and sub bass.
         Better separation of instruments and a wider soundstage, plus better dynamics. The 3d immersion you get from the alpha dogs is leaps and bounds ahead of the mad dog 3.2. and one of my favorite qualities about it. 
    Overall it is a very pleasant listening experience because of the clarity, accuracy, and comfort. Well worth it!!!!!!!!!!!
    Suggested Music. 320 kbps or Flac/Wav
    Tycho - Any Album
    Drake - If You're Reading This It Is Too Late.
    Jamie XX - In Colour
    DirtyBird BBQ.
    Hope this helps, thoughts?
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  6. forstsiven
    Quick question. I need a 4 pin XLR cable to go with my Alpha Dogs for my Liquid Carbon.

    I have a 15' Venus Audio 6.3 mm Neutrik cable as well as the 6' original 6.3 mm cable. 
    I've been contemplating a Norne Vanquish, but I also feel hesitant to spend $185 on a cable when I plan to upgrade from the Alpha Dogs.
    Does anyone have any experience with it? Is it genuinely, objectively, worth the $185? I don't have a problem with the price, money isn't really an issue for me, but I hate getting suckered. 

    I suppose I could sell the two cables above as well to reduce the price impact of the Norne Vanquish. 
    Anyways, I'm open to suggestions!
  7. Takeanidea
    I think you've got yourself a good headphone, possibly even a great headphone . And from a practical point of view, it's closed , so it can be enjoyed without interrupting anyone else. 
    I don't normally like closed phones, but the Dogs I love. I've heard the Primes and the Fostex TH900. I'm still happy with my purchase.
    The main thing I noticed about the Alpha Dogs is how revealing they are
  8. swspiers
    Seriously, this like talking aobut religion and politics at times.  I do have the Vanquish, I bought it second hand, and I haven't heard it.  Waiting for the Cavalli Liquid Carbon.  I did not buy it for the sound, but the quality and the balanced cable.
  9. Maelob
    I bought the Norne Skoll balanced for my AD- good quality and affordable compared to other brands
  10. wahsmoh

    I agree with you. I've heard the AP and Ether C. The Alpha Dog still holds its weight and very significantly so.
    For the price you pay of the Ether C, you get more separated highs, wider stereo image (cup/driver both larger), and faster bass.
    But they aren't THAT much better. Surprisingly the Alpha Dog images exceptionally well and if you are listening for vocals and mid range, the Ether C doesn't do anything leaps and bounds better than the Alpha Dog. Same goes for bass impact and quantity. Ether C has faster bass than Alpha Dog, but not any more noticeable quantity/bass excursion. If you listen to pop/hiphop/mainstream you'll find that the Alpha Dogs are a jack of all trades.. I just like the way Dan tunes his headphones. They sound how music is supposed to.
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  11. Maelob

    I just opened the new primes and comparing them to the AD I definitely agree they have very similar sounds - I would say just out of the box driving them with my Pulse XFI the Primes sound a little bit more detailed and tighter bass to be honest not night an day.  I would say the AD are really a total value.  The Primes are like the more sophisticated brother but definitely they sound similar. 
    Again just out of the box, I am not an expert audiophile. I am sure the Primes will get better but first impressions I would totally agree with wahsmoh
  12. goodyfresh
    I'm gonna be getting a pair of these on loan for the next couple months from a very, very nice guy here in these forums.  I'm quite excited, I can't wait, since the Alphas are quite a bit nicer than anything I already have in my inventory, or anything that I'll be able to afford for myself for a few more months [​IMG]

    Since the only thing I've got right now for driving them is a Fiio X3ii, he'll also be loaning me his Fiio E12 amp that he doesn't use anymore, that way I can be sure to be able to drive the Alphas well enough!

    I had a quetsion for you all about that, though.  Do you think the X3ii possibly COULD drive the Alphas well?  Some folks have told me they think the X3ii drives the Alpha Dogs fine when on high gain.  Keep in mind that it's able to output up to 200mW into 32 ohms. . .
    Anyway once the loaner pair is here, I will definitely be sure to let you all know my impressions after a few days, and will probably eventually post a review :)
  13. Maelob
    I would consider getting something a little more powerful - although I was using them for a while with a Geek Out 450 DAC.  I didnt like the pairing with the old x3 but not sure about the new one.  I am sure they will sound ok but if you can get your hands on a more powerful amp they would benefit a lot.  I currently have a Geek Pulse XFI balanced connection and they sound really good. 
    I just read Jude's comments on the E12 and he was able to drive the LCDs on high gain so I guess that will probably work for the ADs
  14. Dixter
    The E12 will be enough to power the head phones...   I would be super careful though of attempting to use them portable....   the head phone connector is a big beefy connector and could damage your X3/E12 if not handled with care....
  15. maheeinfy
    AD comes with a free DUM cable and free shipping as part of holiday sale.
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