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MrSpeakers Alpha Dog Revealed! - The World's First Production 3D-Printed Headphones

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jude, Aug 9, 2013.
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  1. Takeanidea

    Plenty of power and they sound great through the Mojo-for £399. The Amp is A class and the Dac is phenomenal. If you can see beyond the lights there is a giant killer in the making here. And the more it's hyped the lower the pricing will be on the rest of the industry as they attempt to catch up.
  2. swspiers
    Maybe I'm just getting old, but I totally and absolutely agree.
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  3. Dixter
    makes you want to pluck them and eat them like jelly candy ??
  4. wahsmoh

    The Ether and Ether C are both lower impedance than the Alpha Dog or AP. They should be driven just fine with the Mojo. I just think that it is still not enough power to get the most out of the ADs or APs
  5. Takeanidea

    Would it help if I said to you I have tried the Alpha Dogs out on the Mojo-for hours? And have a far more powerful spec'd desktop amp that I normally use them with and another desktop dac/amp that I use them with and compared them all?
  6. wahsmoh

    Not doubting your claims but once new toy syndrome wears off, will the Mojo benefit from an external amp? Then it would mean that a desktop setup would still benefit them. I want an actual comparison of Mojo by itself versus a pairing with an amp.
  7. Takeanidea

    Hi please let me clarify, I am not stating that the Mojo is the finest possible amp for running the Alpha Dogs because that is a ridiculous claim to make and also I haven't heard every amp ever made either and never will. My amp is amazing and beats the Mojo as an amp for sound quality to my ears and in my opinion which of course you can take with a pinch of salt. So please let's get that clear because I have no wish to invalidate anyone else's research or choice of amp.
    As to the question of whether the Mojo powers the Alpha Dogs to a nice sound quality that is something I feel I can give an opinion on because I have had both and have listened to both as critically and objectively as I could. I do not currentlyown the Mojo I was asked to evaluate it and write a review over the course of a week. New toy syndrome is not an expression I object to, this needs to be discussed to move into an area of common sense and trust. So I welcome that. I would love for you to try it and hope you get a chance to at some time. This is all subjective as always and what I like you may not. I'd appreciate any input from Mojo Alpha Dog owners too as 1 persons opinion hardly forms a consensus. I loved the Alpha Dogs through them I can't deny it.
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  8. wahsmoh

    I'm glad that you enjoyed them though. I read some impressions of people preferring the Mojo over the iFi DSD Micro so I am sure it may be a winner. I wonder how Mojo + LC would sound though with the Alpha Dogs. That might be a killer semi-portable setup.
  9. purdah
    My local store has the Mojo so I will go in and demo on Friday on my way home. So it will soon be 2 people to give an impression (albeit a limited 30-60min impression!)
  10. Takeanidea
    We look forward to your impressions- I take it you already have the Alpha Dogs? Honest opinions good or bad most welcome here. 
  11. purdah
    Yes, I have had the AD for about 2 months so I am now used to the sound.
    I have a MBP for optical and usb testing and X3II for coax testing.
    I can compare it to my O2/ODAC combo for reference, this is my current "work"top environment (ie what I take to work) :)
  12. Takeanidea
    Wow that's going to a tough challenge for the Mojo. I have an 02/Odac but had lent it to someone else at the time of the review.
  13. purdah
    So after spending 45 mins with the Mojo and Alpha Dogs I can say that the combo blows away the O2/Odac across the board.
    The clarity of the Mojo is quite stunning, had I not had the O2 to do a back to back test I probably would not have noticed just how much clearer it is.

    Interestingly the Mojo pulls off this clarity without being too revealing, in fact it was more musical across all the tracks I tried, although I would say it was a tie with rock/metal.

    The tie for Rock/Metal was a little unexpected as the bass on the mojo is cleaner fuller and deeper so I was expecting a complete whitewash. I am willing to chalk that up to the tracks I tried but with only 45 mins I couldnt really test every genre more than a few tracks.

    If you only had one dac/amp and it was the Mojo then you would not be missing anything when powering the AD.

    As other posters have noted you would probably get more from say a Schiit stack (at least Asgard and Bifrost) but I suspect that they wouldnt be far, if at all, ahead of the Mojo. It would be interesting to see a comparison between the two setups.

    If transportability is important (I carry the O2/Odac and Alpha Dogs to and fro work) then the Mojo is a fantastic deal, providing the quality of a larger desktop but still able to power the Alphas to more than acceptable levels. (I could not turn the Mojo up to Max volume as it would be far louder than I need, YMMV).

    I have put a Mojo on hold for me to buy when the credit card ticks over to my next billing cycle, I will not look back on the O2/Odac with misty eyes, the combo is no match for the Mojo.


  14. wahsmoh

    Nice review. I suspect that the Chord Mojo uses the trickle-down FPGA of the Hugo and has a nice discrete Class A amp inside. I would like to move towards a mobile setup for my Alpha Dogs and I will definitely save up for the Mojo. I am a huge fan of DACs that take the road less travelled. I own 3 R2R DACs right now and two of them use proprietary filters. I think the Mojo is going to sound different than any standard D-S DAC or DAP and be much more musically involving because of the FPGA.
    I'm hoping I can demo the Mojo and Alpha Dogs at the upcoming Head-fi meet in San Diego.
  15. purdah
    Something that might be useful to people who travel a lot with the Alpha Dogs and do not have a way to avoid the earpads from permanently pushing together.
    Get a block of wood, an offcut would do, and cut it down to around 165mm in length. You can then use it to prop open the headphones by resting the screws in the ends of the leather headband on the end of the wood block.
    The whole lot will then fit inside the travel bag that comes with the AD.
    I used an offcut of oak and it measures: 42 x 19 X 163 mm.
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