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MrSpeakers Alpha Dog Revealed! - The World's First Production 3D-Printed Headphones

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jude, Aug 9, 2013.
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  1. Ableza
    My Alpha Dogs outclassed my HD650 so much that the Senns went into the closet.  After I upgraded to Alpha Prime, I have no further interest in any other headphone.  Except maybe Ether or whatever closed variation might be created...
  2. reddog
    +1 Well said sir, I am waiting in desperate anticipation of a closed back version of the ETHER.
  3. Maelob
    Looking for some thoughts regarding a DAC/AMP for the AD.  I am currently driving them with a Geek Out 450, while I enjoy the sound, I know they will sound better with a more capable DAC/AMP.
    Right now I am considering the IFI MICRO IDSD, Marantz HD-1 and Oppo HA-1.
    Any suggestions of a good match for the ADs.
  4. Ableza
    I listen to my Alpha Prime through a Schiit Lyr.  They love the big power.
  5. Maelob

    Thanks for the recommendation.  one thing I am trying to do is eliminate the number of boxes, but I guess getting a good headphone amp will give me flexibility on a a new DAC. 
    As of now I have a GEEK OUT DAC/AMP - ifi tube- Emotiva x1 amp - speakers.
  6. maricius

    I can speak for the pairing with the Micro iDSD.
  7. Thenewguy007
    Could anyone help me out with some recommendations?
    I am look for a lush, fun, dark, musical headphone with good overall bass. I want something to compliment my overly bright & sometimes harsh Beyerdynamics T1 Tesla.
    I'm basically looking for a headphone for hard rock, R&B & hip-hop music.
    I narrowed it down to these headphones:
    1. Hifiman HE-500
    2. Mrspeakers Alpha Dog
    3. LCD-2 Rev 1, Rev 2, Rev 2.2, Fazor mod?
    My impressions of the Alpha Dogs have been mainly from these 3 reviews/articles

    This review:
    He basically gushes about the Alpha Dogs vs much more expensive flagship heaphones.
    Also in later Headfonics reviews of the Ether & Prime, they claimed they went away from the fun signature of the Alpha Dog & thought they were not as good.

    -Bass rivals the Audeze LCD series
    -The Alpha has the more clear midrange than the LCD rev2 & a more pristine bass quality?
    -The midrange is more clean and clear than the Beyer T1, AKG K812 & Hifiman HE-560??
    -Alpha also emits a noticeably larger sound stage in every way, most notably in stereo depth and airy qualities over the T1???

    This review:
    -Not great soundstage, but decent
    -He-500 has deeper & harder bass than the Alpha Dogs, but also harsher?
    -Alpha Dog mid's are neutral
    -Midange ranking: LCD-2 > Alpha Dogs > HE-500.


    This reddit comparison thread
        Bass impact: LCD-2 > HE-500 > Alpha Dog
        Bass enjoyment: LCD-2 > Alpha Dog > HE-500
        Mids lushness: LCD-2 = HE-500 > Alpha Dog
        Mids enjoyment: Alpha Dog = LCD-2 = HE-500
        Treble air: HE-500 > Alpha Dog > LCD-2
        Treble enjoyment: Alpha Dog > HE-500 > LCD-2
        Soundstage width: HE-500 > LCD-2 > Alpha Dog
        Imaging: LCD-2 > HE-500 > Alpha Dog


    Which are the most accurate, they seem to give different opnions?
  8. chillaxing
    What amp are you guys using with the Alpha Dogs?
    I was thinking about picking up a Lyr 2, but was also looking at the Emotiva Mini X a-100.
    What do you think about the Emotiva?  I'm leaning towards the Emotiva cause of the price and it seems that a lot of people like it with the HiFiman's.
  9. Law87

    I have both the T1 and the AD (sold it and now have AP) the AD to many, the treble is hot, kind of piercing, but to me its bearable with the Doggy treats. If you use a Lyr or any tube amp, it may tame that a little bit. I think the ZMF vibro will compliment your T1, the T1 to me sometime have that harsh treble too. you can easily fix the AD with doggy treats.
    p.s the AD bass does not rival the LCD series. It lacks a little bass IMO, the AP solve that issue.
    Thenewguy007 likes this.
  10. Law87
    I used the Lyr, jds lab c5d,  alo rx Mk3B+ with CLAS-DB and theorem 720.

    to me the best combination is Alo + CLAS-DB because the versatility of the bass boost that the Alo has but if you insist on having a desktop Amp, save your money and just get the first version of the lyr. 
  11. wahsmoh
    Remember that the Alpha Dog contains T50RP drivers matched and tested for frequency response to as accurate as they can. I visited the Mr Speakers factory and had my headphones measured and they were pretty much what the 2014 Alpha Dog measurements look like on the Innerfidelity website, maybe a bit more cleaned up now in the mids but not as linear as the Alpha Prime.
    I can say that my choice of DAC made a big difference in the perceived "soundstage" I am hearing. The Bifrost Uber is not as good as my 1994 Theta DS Pro Progeny v. A at portraying a wide stereo image like floating in a 3D space. Switching to the R2R Theta made the difference in the soundstage of the Alpha Dog. With the Bifrost Uber they are more boxed in. Now I am really hearing a 3D image which is pretty amazing.
    I would think the new Ether C will be an improvement in dynamics and soundstage over the Alpha Dogs. I am looking forward to comparing both possibly in November at the San Diego meet when I can use my own setup as a reference.
  12. Takeanidea
    I wouldn't describe the AD as a dark signature. It has characteristics of the T1 and is an accurate headphone. The darkest of the AD HE500 and LCD2.2 would be the LCD2.2
  13. Law87
    its actually quiet the opposite but if you over use the doggy treats it does sound dark and bass heavy, I'm saying this because I'm not a bass head.
  14. MrSpeakersPeter
    Dan is doing an AMA on reddit right now. Go ask him anything!
  15. Maelob
    i just ordered the skoll cable from norne. Have anybody tried the cable with the AD.
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