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MrSpeakers Alpha Dog Revealed! - The World's First Production 3D-Printed Headphones

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jude, Aug 9, 2013.
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  1. dorino

    Thanks for the info.
  2. Thenewguy007
    This thread is big, rather than wad through hundreds of pages, I'll just ask.
    How is the soundstage on these headphones?
    The headfonics flagship comparison article mentioned that the soundstage was huge & compared to the HD800, He-560 & T1, even though these are closed back headphones.
    Is that true? I read conflicting reports that that is not true & the soundstage of these headphones is nowhere as wide or expansive as those.
  3. Takeanidea

    The sound stage is not as wide as the HD800s. They have a far more intimate sound stage than the HD800s or the T1s . I can't comment on the 560. If you want the widest sound stage you need to save up some more money.
  4. Thenewguy007
    That headfonics article
    was overly optimistic about the soundstage. That fact it can even compare to the HD800 or the T1, which supposedly have the widest, would be a feat.
    The only headphones I read that compare to them in that would be the AKG 700 series.
    Is it honestly anywhere near them or was the Headfonic article overly exaggerating.
    Is the MrSpeaker really a more musical & fun sounding version of the HD800/Tesla T1? Or at least on their level?
  5. maricius
    First and foremost, the reviewer did not say the size of the soundstage was comparable to the HD800. The soundstage is huge for a closed headphone but as the reviewer states, the LCD-XC is still larger so put that into perspective. With regards to the T1, my experience with it is rather short but I can say that the stage isn't large like the HD800 due to its more forward signature. The HE-560 however is considerably wider than the Alpha Dog but lacking in soundstage depth. 
  6. JamesBr
    If you had to choose between both? ( HE 560/ Alpha Dog) 
  7. maricius
    If you search my posts in this thread, you'll find my comparisons. :wink: 
  8. Kisame
    Can you copy paste what you wrote earlier? 588 pages is a bit too much to go through.
  9. maricius

    Click "Search This Thread" then "Advanced search options" then type my username in.
  10. iamxLn
    well it's been a while since the alphas were released, now that the hype has died - is the general consensus still that these are one of the best and most spacious closed sets? 
  11. KmanChu
    Yes they are still pretty darn good for a closed headphone. But, they sound a like just that: a good closed headphone. They are in no way in the same league as an open headphone, and comparisons to the HD800 are absurd.
  12. sunneebear
    May just be personal taste.  I've read there are people that prefer the 600 over the 800.  I know a guy who doesn't like any open can, thinks they all sound spaciously fake and don't have the visceral bass of a closed can.  All personal taste.
  13. wahsmoh

    Once again that might be your taste not everyone can agree. I thought the HD800 was a bad headphone until I heard it with the Anax 2.0 modification and with some really high end gear that scaled it properly. HD800 is spacious and has a huge soundstage by default, but in other areas it can lack immersion and punch and the kind of bass that the Alpha Dog puts out.
    Look at a chart and you'll see the HD800 has more rolled off bass and the Alpha Dog is almost flat which is absurd for a headphone.
    The HD800 measures very well but still has bass rolloff just like any other open dynamic can will have and won't give you that planar bass unless you modify it and feed it from a nice chain
    As for the mids of my Alpha Dogs with their wonky measurings, I still think they sound better than my DT880 mids which measure flat and sound sterile and lifeless in comparison to the Alpha Dog.
  14. Takeanidea
    I own Alpha Dogs and HD800s. The ALpha Dogs are good , but I prefer the bass mids and highs of the HD800s. THe Alpha Dogs are classy, the HD800 phones are world class. That is as unbiased an opinion I can give and bear in mind I own both and have no wish to part with either. Would welcome other opinions as mine are based on my ears and my musical tastes , although I listen to everything from pop to metal to synth to classical
  15. Maelob
    apples and oranges
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