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MrSpeakers Alpha Dog Revealed! - The World's First Production 3D-Printed Headphones

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jude, Aug 9, 2013.
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  1. Takeanidea
    You'll love them after the first 10 minutes of warming up they sound just great! Look forward to your observations
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  2. wahsmoh
    So yeah its been over a year now and I still love my Alpha Dogs. They seem to do a good job of showing ambient cues in recordings and have a "room feel" that I can hear studio reverb effects in a haunting way with vocals.
    I probably won't own another pair of headphones until I get an Ether. I really do think the Alpha Dog kicks headphone ass and prefer it over the stock HD800 I have heard.
    IMO the Alpha Dogs really lived up to the initial hype train that got derailed by a few fringe reviewers. I'm saying that these are a guaranteed success and compare favorably to other T50RP mods like the Paradox and Paradox Slant.
    I won't say which are better but I think Purrin has to take another look at my Alpha Dogs and wipe the cobwebs from the Paradox camp bias.
  3. goldenSHK
    And the Thunderpants? I know they are almost impossible to get anymore, but there's a reason why they were always considered one of the best closed headphones ever produced. It'd be cool to have a comparison with the thunderpants as well. 
  4. M3NTAL
    Different flavor completely.
  5. maricius

    Headfonia compared the Thunderpants to the Alpha Dog in their review. 
  6. walbum4262
    God those are hard to get 2nd hand in Europe :frowning2:
    If anyone have a pair for sale give me a pm :)
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  7. TexasBuck
    New owner here.  The Alpha Dogs are sounding great.  I got the Alpha Dogs hoping for a more balanced/neutral compliment to my Fostex TH-600's.  After about 2+ hours of use, my first impression is they are more similar than I was anticipating.  Of course, the Fostex have more bass quantity but the AD's are certainly not lacking.  Both are extremely detailed.  Imaging on both is top notch.  Slight advantage with the mid's to the ADs.  The differences are there, but not to the degree I was expecting.
    One thing I was surprised about the Alpha Dogs was the power it takes to drive them.  With my Fostex TH-6000's and previous planner HE-400's, my volume pot was at 9:00 to 9:15.  With the AD's the volume pot is around 11:00.  Thankfully, my amp (Yulong A18) still has plenty of power to spare.  I was just a bit shocked by the juice it takes to get the volume equivalent to my past headphones.
  8. sunneebear
    Hey neighbor, you should try the Gustard H10.  Clean and powerful amp.
  9. TexasBuck
    Houston Alpha Dog owners are likely an exclusive club! 
    The Gustard H10 looks like a great recommendation.  Lot of performance for the price.  I'm thinking my current amp has enough power (1.8W)  I was just kind of shocked at the difference in power it took to drive these, versus other pair of orthos I owned in the past.  At some point down the road I may start looking into amps again and I'll keep the Gustard in mind. 
  10. mbusby
    I'm a Houston owner of a Mad Dog with Alpha pads, contemplating upgrading to an Alpha Dog. I currently run my Mad Dog off of a Project Polaris, plenty of power. I would use the same with the Alpha Dog if/when I get them. 
  11. TexasBuck
    H-Town taking over this thread  LOL
  12. ZachPtheDude
    I'm a new owner of the Alpha Dogs, just waiting on them to ship :)
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  13. Khalaris
    I ordered on the 29th and already got it a week later, which was highly unexpected. Usually stuff I order from the US takes at best 3 weeks door-to-door, including customs. So that was a really nice surprise. Don't know what happened to customs, though. So far I haven't gotten any notification that I had to pay; surely FedEx didn't just wave it through...? Strange but not entirely unwelcome :D
    Anyway, love the Alpha Dogs, they're just so... unspectacular. Every other hp I've heard has been sort of in-your-face about something (they were all dynamics), but the Alpha Dog is like "let me just get out of your way so you can enjoy your music :)". [​IMG]
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  14. zaphod-159
    Anyone ordered from mrspeakers-europe.com here that can tell me how long their delivery took ?
  15. ZachPtheDude
    Mine should be here Thursday at the latest, I can't wait!

    Also having a cable made, 10 feet, 8 conductor hybrid (4 conductors OCC copper, 4 conductors pure silver litz style). Total shipped to my door under $150!
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