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MrSpeakers Alpha Dog Revealed! - The World's First Production 3D-Printed Headphones

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jude, Aug 9, 2013.
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  1. Takeanidea

    hi that's a nice comparison there. I've put 20 hours in now on the ~Alpha Dogs and have owned my HD800s for 3 years and have been through the LCD 2 rev 2 and the T1 and several sets of Stax- let me say that I still love the HD800s but the Alpha Dogs are very capable in portraying voices . On that aspect alone I believe them to be a complement to the HD800.
    These are really good phones and I'm glad I bought them. How good the Primes can fare against them I shall be able to relay once I've been to the Cambridge headfi meet and had a listen to Pedalheads
  2. wahsmoh
    I agree with both of you. I have heard all the headphones at meets and I really only liked the HD800 and LCD3F out of the following. Alpha Dogs are such a well tuned and capable headphone.. I find it strange that there are people out there trying to point out inconsistent "measurements" when they just need to use their ears and hear how well tuned this headphone is. There is also the possibility of driver varation and that is why both channels have different tuning measurements.
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  3. Takeanidea

    It's a great stand though. I really hope it'll persuade the competition to follow suit. I do agree that the stand is too short- no one surely is taking the cables on and off everyday? I use mine everyday......
  4. Takeanidea

    To all would be AD lovers ; I too have a DX100 and get much joy from my tracks through the headphone out of the DAP. Optical out to my DacMagic + sounds more refined to me. This leads me to the possibility that either a superior Amp or a superior Dac or both will benefit the ADs
  5. Takeanidea

    Are the simplifications being found? Obviously one of the great things about this series of phones was the upgrade path
  6. Takeanidea

    Another reviewer I entirely agree with , to me ears I would add that I have found all vocals easier to follow on the Alpha Dogs , even compared to the HD800
  7. Takeanidea

    Another one I found about the vocals! I'm not alone in seeing this-cool.
  8. Takeanidea

    Tyll believes there is far more to a headphone's performance than just it's measurements; Jude has produced evidence to show different results for headphone measurements.
    Measurements are another way to evaluate a headphone but the funnest way to check them out is to listen to them. And if they sound good to my ears , I'm not too worried how they measure. The Alpha Dogs sound good to me , I describe a real world performance as I see it and really try not to jump on a bandwagon and be honest because other people will be interested and I don't want them to waste their money.
    I would hate to think I overhyped a phone and made people spend lots of money on something unsuitable. Only a listen to a headphone can even begin to give me an idea as to whether I would like it. Only living with a phone for a decent period of time can let me adjust to the sound signature of that phone and tell me whether I really like it.
    Measurements are good fun to look at when I've got the phone. But to make a decision on buying a phone based on measurements , even from Tyll , no I wouldn't do that.
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  9. Takeanidea

    A quote from the end of that section:

    Other than the general shape of the frequency response plot (which I think might be very good, and I'll be looking for more headphones with a similar response), I find these measurements to be significantly poorer looking than the headphones sound. I suspect Philips may work on getting the time domain responses (300Hz square wave, impulse response) to be a little cleaner, but I have to say again that I found these cans much better sounding than they look on paper.

    I think with those words from someone I respect enormously reinforce my conviction that spouting off about the Alpha Dogs has some value to it.
  10. UNOE
    I don't think I have ever seen a septuple post on any forum before.  I think about the stand every night I wonder why its this size.  I use the foam that came in the box for the top.  That adds little height.  But not quite enough, I would prefer the cables didn't touch the base at all.  But it will due.
    For the price and how well they preform I guess you could easily buy a stand with they amount you save.
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  11. lurk
    I think someone is really happy with his alpha dogs
  12. Takeanidea

    I think they almost lived up to the hype that I read about in the first 100 pages. I also think I'm a latecomer. Most seem to have have moved on and the AD is 2 headphones ago. If this is the case that would be a shame because even if the Alpha Dogs have been improved on they are still right up there in a handful of phones that I've heard that I've really enjoyed. As for the post about the stands I didn't realise that they might be so easy to clip in that the intention was always to unclip after every listening session.
    I am still switching between these and the HD800s when I am listening. The Alpha Dogs offer a closer presentation. The way that the bass is presented is much different too .It's like my ears perceive a bass note as opposed to the HD800 which has less of that type of speed. I'm not saying that the bass is better or worse than the Sennheiser it's just quite different. The vocals are where the the Dog's really excel for me. I am one of the people that have bought these from a fellow headfier and from the price I paid the market for these must still be quite bouyant.
    Whether I should have waited around for a Prime or an Ether to come up remains to be seen. I will hope that someone has an Ether in the UK that I can have a good listen to in the future but there's no rush while these Alphas sound so good.
  13. wahsmoh

    I wouldn't think over it too much. I have heard every "new flavor of the month" and I am confident that my specific AD can handle business with the best on my rig.
    I have yet to find an unmodified HE-560 that doesn't sound like @$$.
    Don't be fooled by the hype trains that surround people's wide ranging opinions and "quick to throw the next headphone in the FS" type who won't be happy until they've sold and rebought the same headphone 10 times.
    Your best option is to go to a Head-fi meet and give them all a listen for yourself. There is no doubt in my mind that the Ether is a much better headphone than the Alpha Dog; with one caveat, it leaks and you can't use it to isolate external noise.
    Read professional reviews online, those seem like the most honest reviews I have read and maybe they received a properly tuned phone that Dan made sure sounded right.
  14. Takeanidea

    Why thank you - fame at last!
  15. Takeanidea

    Wise words indeed. I'm one of the fortunate people that if I really couldn't resist I could probably go for the flavour of the month. Even the Ether is within reach but I shall resist. I have 2 meets to attend which will enrich my knowledge of what's out there.
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