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MrSpeakers Alpha Dog Revealed! - The World's First Production 3D-Printed Headphones

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jude, Aug 9, 2013.
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  1. a2486523
    how much do i get for them? the alpha dogs. want the prime
  2. atsq17
    All of you raise great points.
    What I meant it was that wasn't worthwhile for Dan to do the upgrade and provide it as an option to us. 
    I think that people are indeed entitled to decide if it is worth it for them. I happen to have a unit that was upgraded during the trial and I love it. I never liked the Alpha Dogs so for me the upgrade was REALLY worthwhile. 
  3. tepet08
    hope this will be of help
  4. wahsmoh

    Hehe I am still listening to the Alpha Dogs and the more I listen to them the less I feel like I want to sell them and buy the Primes. They honestly didn't sound that great with the stock cable as I felt the tonality was more midrange focused and not detailed enough. Well the cable fixed that and when I compared the Alpha Dog to the Alpha Prime (both had Norne Vanquish single ended cables) the Prime had the lower THD and more laidback presentation.. but the Alpha Dog lays down vocals with perfect accuracy and while the treble may or may not be as refined as the Alpha Prime it sounds way too good for my ears to want make the exchange. For now I am going to play around with DACs and see how that influences the sound of my headphones until I get another chance to compare the two and give it a second thought.
  5. Sanctuary
    I've had mine for about a year now, and I still haven't gotten used to the default cable.  Not really the sound (I love them), but the bulkiness as well as the absolutely, ridiculously short length.  I need to find a better alternative, but I don't need some diamond encrusted, multi-tempered, irradiated platinum ore sprinkled with Mars dust cables costing a fortune when something for a third of the price would sound the same.
  6. john57
    Mr.Speakers does sell cables up to 10 feet on their web page. 
  7. Sanctuary

    And they are just as ungainly as what came with the ADs...
    It's not like I am moving around a lot while using wired headphones, but I don't like the added weight.  And the defaults weigh a lot.
  8. wahsmoh
    I paid $246 after tax for my cable which is 6 ft. long and while that may seem a bit steep it is a 24 gauge cable mix of silver plated copper and copper OCC. I like it because it is also more flexible than the stock cable being a round braid. I think most people who have tried or owned this cable with the AD have noticed slight changes in tonality. I consider that a bonus since I didn't expect to hear much difference when I bought the cable I just wanted something that looked and functioned better.
  9. Sanctuary
    Yeah, something like that would be perfect, although it probably only cost $30 to make.  I'm also not sure about the alteration in sound.  The ADs are almost perfectly neutral, and I like how they sound.  Your opinion of the default sound makes it seem like you want a more V shaped sound.  I don't want recessed mids or more pronounced highs.
  10. reddog
    That is a very nice cable sir. I did not mind the cables that came with my Alpha Dogs, however I felt the XLR cable was a tad small and had a 10 vanquish XLR cable made. The cable is nice and light, perfect for what I needed.
  11. wahsmoh
    I wouldn't say the mids are recessed now I would just say they are slightly more syrupy on the stock Canare Quad cable than the Vanquish which sounded more linear to my ears. Also the highs on the AD have always kind of maintained neutrality but didn't really stand out from the rest of the frequencies as much until I got the cable. I would say there is better extension and separation now. The last time I compared the two these are what I noticed. If you like the way it sounds good, but I wouldn't say the change in tonality is for everyone and even Dan owns two Vanquish cables one of them I know is balanced and was on the Alpha Prime when I tested it so I can't see how it would sound worse.
  12. Subatomic
    Hey guys, quick question, can anyone explain to me the sound signature difference between the Alpha Dog and the Mad Dog Pro? As much as I love the MDP sound signature, i'm bitten by the upgrade bug haha, and the AD looks so much sexier than the MDP :p
  13. irishsammy
    Just upgraded from the MD 3.2s to the ADs.  Probably the best $300ish I've ever spent in headphone audio.  The ADs are a significant improvement over an already amazing MD product.  I can't recommend these things enough.  I can't wait to put them on my head every day. 
    wahsmoh likes this.
  14. reddog
    +1 The Alpha Dogs are a fantastic headphone, the way the sound, plus isolate/ isolate your from the world. Just you and the music, making the moment last forever.:)
  15. lurk
    Seems like each totl headphones comes in standard increment of usd500. LoL
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