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MrSpeakers Alpha Dog Revealed! - The World's First Production 3D-Printed Headphones

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jude, Aug 9, 2013.
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  1. john57
  2. Wojtek2626
  3. a2486523
    PLZ DOES Sb know something new about the upgrade possabilities of the alpha dooogs.  How is the research going ???
    i want that prime !
  4. atsq17
    Sorry to report that the result was: no, it's not worthwhile to upgrade. 
  5. Ableza
    Correction: MrSpeakers has determined that it's not feasible for them to offer the upgrade.  However, it is ABSOLUTELY worthwhile to the user to upgrade to the Primes - IMO anyway.  I highly recommend that if you like the Alpha Dogs, buy some Primes as soon as you can because they are that much better.
    swspiers and reddog like this.
  6. Schopenhauer
    How's that a correction? A person is allowed to judge that the "upgrade" isn't worthwhile without needing to be corrected. It's ok if the AP is a divisive headphone.
  7. reddog
    +1 Well said sir. The Alpha Prime is a fantastic headphones and I would not hesitate to get another pair. I enjoyed my Alpha Dogs but the AP's are great. I wish the audio wizards, at MrSpeakers could had found a way to upgrade an existing AD to an AP but it was not feasible.
    Ableza likes this.
  8. reddog
    I have never considered the Alpha Prime's to be divisive.
  9. Schopenhauer
    That's not really my point. Think of my claim this way. Suppose the AP is divisive: That's ok. You can still like it, you can still think it's great. Not everyone needs to feel the same way about the headphone. In the present case, an individual member can offer his own judgment without someone magisterially "correcting" him. There are people who really don't like the AP: So what? There are people who really don't like the HD800, or the HE-560. I still judge those to be superb headphones.
  10. reddog
    Ahh I see your point.
  11. Ableza
    The question was if the upgrade program was available, and someone said it was determined to be not "worthwhile."  That is false.  The fact is that the upgrade program was discontinued because it did not make financial sense from the manufacturer's perspective.  This has nothing to do with the subjective statement of an upgrade being "worthwhile."
  12. Schopenhauer
    From the way you tell it here, it sounds like you took the "worthwhile" subjectively. I guess that's why you immediately followed your objective "correction" with a shill.
  13. Ableza
    A shill?  If you mean my opinion then yes.
  14. Daniel4IEM
    How does isolation compare to an IEM?
  15. Maelob
    Cmon almost any good IEM will isolate better, however for a house environment they work great, I would not take them on a plane or to the gym LOL
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