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MrSpeakers Alpha Dog Revealed! - The World's First Production 3D-Printed Headphones

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jude, Aug 9, 2013.
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  1. wahsmoh

    It's Friday night and I thought I'd pop on something that would get me excited for the end of a tough work week. The Alpha Dogs put me in the studio!!! I got this in FLAC and it rocks!!! BTW don't listen to the link that I embedded. I just tested it and the quality is horrible.. so if you have the song in FLAC or CD or vinyl I recommend you listen to it with the Alpha Dogs
  2. mrspeakers Contributor
    Holy smokes, I used to LOVE that album.  It's been decades.  Time to dust it off...
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  3. Wojtek2626
    Can someone tell me what is the difference beteeen fiio e12 and jds labs c5 on alpha dogs?I bought e12 and now i have a chance to buy c5,but I'm hesitating
  4. deafanddumb
    Hey man...lay off the th900...they're prefect the way God made them :wink:
  5. reddog
    That sounded great, have not listened to Van Halen for a while. Going to listen to "Hot For Teacher" next lol. Then some "Anarchy in the UK".
    The Alpha Prime's are just fantastic but I can only imagine how much better it will be when I get a dac.
  6. SNSDluv
    strange question here, is there a 3.5mm cable for the Alpha Dog that also includes mic? :O
  7. MrSpeakersPeter
    We do not sell one, but there are a variety of custom cable manufacturers that can probably make you one. 
  8. SNSDluv

    Would you know any manufacturers? I tried to search them up but no luck.

    Thanks for the reply though Peter, I really appreciate that. :)
  9. DrSheep
    Apple or Android?  But either one will require a license so I doubt many cable makers will offer them.
  10. SNSDluv

    Any honestly...but right now android is my main driver. :)
    Thanks for the input though, I know it's a long shot anyways!
  11. DrSheep
    I actually have seen one offer before, but I just can't find it again.
  12. sunneebear
    I think iLuv had some kind of inline deal to add controls and mic to any headphone similar to this apple and sennheiser.
    You can also get replacement cables like this and put on MrSpeakers connectors.
    This is from SOL.
    money4me247 likes this.
  13. SNSDluv
    Where could I find MrSpeakers connectors? :)
  14. tepet08
    err..MrSpeakers website have them for sale.or search venus_audio on ebay.he have 'em on his listing.
    SNSDluv likes this.
  15. Wojtek2626
    Quick question-got my alphas today and the red tape on cable goes to right phone??red=right ,am I right?:)
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