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MrSpeakers Alpha Dog Revealed! - The World's First Production 3D-Printed Headphones

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jude, Aug 9, 2013.
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  1. aamer23
    in theory you are correct, however, hearing is 50% physical and 50% brain processing and creating a perception then all things become subjective. from my discussions with MrSpeakers, people are normally divided into 2 camps DTx0 and DTx1 
    however, for me it is DTx2 even when using the Burson Conductor which is much smoother and refined than my front end 
    I do like the AD's above the cans I have heard Senns HD 600, 650,700 & 800 and LCD 2 as all of these were on the list of potentials 
  2. hans030390
    When you take into consideration slight product variation, varying chains, different types of music different people listen to, and personal sensitivities, tastes, and background with audio equipment, the Alpha Dog treads that fine line where some will find it problematic (bright, uneven, peaky, etc.) and some won't. The good thing is that it can be tuned via front damping to be closer to someone's preferred performance, though this is true of about any headphone if one is willing to experiment on their own.
  3. aamer23
    I agree with you, we are able to tune the AD without huge amount of effort as the manufacturer has put things in place for you. the main point was for me are they Fun, Musical and tuneful in comparison to the products out there and then price comes in to play. which then becomes subjective again 
  4. M3NTAL
    Wanted to post an update.
    This turned out to be a great option for me - thank you very much for the suggestion. Anyone looking for an affordable custom cable should give them a shot.
  5. imackler
    Glad it worked out! I only saw it because of how many times I've searched ebay for a good deal on a pair. But... I got a pair coming tomorrow! 
  6. pdrm360
    My dots have also the same issues, their heights aren't same. Have you contacted to MrSpeakers about them? 
  7. mrspeakers Contributor

    The parts are all the same mass of materials, the xyz dimensional size is a minor variable that I haven't heard or measured having an effect. The exact base geometry is a pretty low level concern to us in production, we usually leave the parts as they attach to maximize the adhesive life instead of trying to match the size, as our opinion is it doesn't change the sound.

    If it bothers you aesthetically or functionally in any way, all you have to remove the Alpha pad, after which you adjust the height by detaching one, reattaching it and working a few times along each edge to stretch or compress it until you match them more closely. This may reduce the life of the treat, which is as I said why we don't do this....
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  8. pdrm360
    Thank you for the clarification!
  9. wowbvbv
    +1 [​IMG]
  10. Tony1110
    After scouring the secondhand market for a good DAC at a reasonable price I finally settled on the Nuforce DAC-80 to match my Burson Soloist SL. Overkill for the AD's?
  11. Ableza
    Not in the least.
  12. Law87
    if anyone looking for an IEM that is similar to Alpha Dog, I recommend the W40 Westone, not as big soundstage but the sound is similar to my ear :)
  13. zeppu08
    Hi new to the thread.. Can you suggest the best portable amp that can power the alpha dogs? This dogs are effin' hungry! Lol
  14. Wildcatsare1

    I haven't experienced one yet, but I have heard good things about the iFi iDSD Micro and planars, I am going to check one out next month.
  15. aamefford
    Ibasso pb2 really drives them well in balanced mode. SE is ok, but nothing special. Lots of power balanced though.
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