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MrSpeakers Alpha Dog Revealed! - The World's First Production 3D-Printed Headphones

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jude, Aug 9, 2013.
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  1. tehsprayer
    I believe he uses the same cables MrSpeakers uses for their cables.
    The Canare Quad-star which is only at $0.50/foot from Redco.
  2. reddog
    Hmmm I did not know they had custom terminator, so you can use one hp cable for both single ended and in balanced. I shall now definitely get a vanquish cable with the option to use it in single ended or balanced mode. And for the money the alpha dogs are great. Though I would like to check out the He 560 sometime.
  3. Wildcatsare1

    Email Trevor, he made several suggestions for doing this, I think I am going with the main cable terminating in XLR's, with a short dongle :scream: conte for switching over to a Furtech 1/4".
  4. reddog
    Thanks for the heads up. Hendrix was a fantastic musical genius, like Mozart or other musical prodigy.
    Take care
  5. sunneebear
    I remember reading the same thing somewhere else.  Why pay much more for a fancy looking equivalent of Dan's stock cable.
  6. Wildcatsare1
    ^^Hey Reddog, Electric Ladyland was genius, and it was his first go at production....pretty good start...I found out tonight that "Lite" Stevie Winwood played the organ on Voodo Chile, love the interplay of the Hammond Organ, Hendrix's Guitar and Freddie Smith's Alto Sax is cool, beyond reproach, über classic! Dog, so tell me how you are Likn' your Lyr 2 Alpha Dog pairing?
  7. EraserXIV
    Personally not purchasing one since they are the same material as the stock cable, but to be fair to him, they are actually cheaper than if you purchase the stock cable on the MrSpeakers website. A 6' Alpha Dog cable from MrSpeakers is $90 + shipping, whereas this website is $74 + shipping and you get a little more customization which is cool I guess. Could be useful if you just need a replacement or another termination (given that these are reliable, which I cannot speak to since I do not own a set).
  8. reddog
    Hey Wildcatsare1:
    I just love my alpha dogs and the lyr 2, the synergy between the two are great. I am hoping to get some tubes for the Lyr 2, probably the telefunken ecc88 from upscale audio. Although I thought I might save some money and get the gold lions and put my money towards getting a good dac like Gungnir. Well have a good night I shall listen to Richie Haben's Freedom at Woodstock. I wish I could had been at that concert, but was too young and my Dad, being a research scientist, to square to ever consider taking the family to such a gathering. He taught me to love jazz and classical :).
  9. sunneebear
    In that case, if you like the sound of the stock cable, this is a bargain.  I'm fine with the sound, just don't like the stiffness of the stock.  Stripping the cable and putting it into paracord does help immensely.
  10. aamefford
    Never thought of doing that. Great idea. A fellow head-fier built me one out of some nice flexible wire and Paracord. Mini XLR terminated with adapters for 1/4, XLR4 and 1/8. I'm not one to hear sound differences in cables (Y-wires demo today had me rethinking that), I just wanted a more flexible cable.
  11. wahsmoh
    The Norne Vanquish with the Alpha Dog is absolutely end game performance from top to bottom. It really brings out the best of the Alpha Dog with a more open coherent soundstage, increased detail in high frequency, tighter controlled bass, and it helps them "brighten" up a little bit I thought the Canare stock cable is relatively dark and mid-rangey
  12. Wildcatsare1

    Thank you! I will be calling Trevor in August!
  13. gelocks
  14. Mullet
    And I thought the ADs weren't known for their bass quantity. I guess the 560s don't have any bass?
  15. TMRaven
    No the 560s got plenty of bass.  I remember listening to a buddy's mad dog after using my he-400 for a while.  It felt bass light and I wanted a little more.  When using my 560 after the HE-400 I didn't want any more bass.
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