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MrSpeakers Alpha Dog Revealed! - The World's First Production 3D-Printed Headphones

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jude, Aug 9, 2013.
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  1. olegausany
    If you're looking for bass you should try HE-560
  2. skeptic
    I love my ADs but hear things differently from gl1tch. With a well matched amp, Hd800s are a clear step up from ADs (and most everything else on the market) in resolution, detail, soundstage and bass quantity and quality. As they should be given the cost difference. Note that I spend time enjoying both of these excellent headphones just about every day.

    The fact that ADs are such open, balanced and beautiful sounding closed headphones is what makes them so unique imo. Unless I have a totally quiet or empty house, they are my go to phone and are perfect for a bedside rig that won't drive your spouse / SO crazy due to sound leakage.
  3. Wildcatsare1
    ^^^I don't know about "end game", I am absolutely loving my Alpha Dogs for now (listening to Dark Side of the Moon presently), I will have to hear something significantly better, worth the price increase, to convince me to add another HP to the mix. Anybody interested in a used HD650 :smirk:?
  4. cute
    IMO, the Alpha Dogs have better bass quantity and quality as compared to the HE-560!
  5. Wildcatsare1

    Cute, have you sold your 560's yet? I would love to hear more about the 560's vs. The AlphaDog, please :hushed:.
  6. cute
    Still have both the HE-560 and Alpha Dogs....hard to compare an open vs closed HP, plus I have a tube amp plus two ss amps, and 8 different after market cables, both the Focus and Focus A pads for the 560.  I will say the AD with a cable upgrade comes close to the LCD3.  I like them both and if I had to chose which one.....well, I couldn't....nice to have them both for different listening options!
  7. GL1TCH3D

    If you pick an amp with strong bass emphasis you can probably make it up.
    Don't get me wrong, I owned the HD800 and enjoyed them a lot.
  8. Wildcatsare1

    Cute, what cable are you using with your Alpha Dogs? I am looking at a Norne, customized for bot single ended and balanced.
  9. cute

    The wire in my cable is compatible with my HE-560 and other phones with mini xlr's...similar to the Norne Vanquish in wire design....8 wire Type 4 Litz with pure copper and pure silver in the same wire.  The Vanquish comes close with pure copper and silver plated copper in same wire.  My cables are DIY, I would recommend the Norne Vanquish design, Trevor makes very good cables!
  10. Wildcatsare1
    ^Cute, Trevor seems like a very capable designer, readily suggested custom termination solutions so I can use one HP cable single ended and balanced. Great sound would also be a plus. If you had only one other headphone to complement your Alpha Dogs, which would it be and why? Thanks for sharing your experience!
  11. GL1TCH3D
    I was planning on getting a custom cable here for the Alpha Dogs:

    The one who makes those also visits Reddit so you can probably contact him about more customized requests.
    I talked to him for a bit and he's a bit backed up on his production but they're a good price.

    As for 1 pair of headphones to complement the Alpha Dogs...
    That's a tough one and I would say a real question of preference. I don't feel that the Alpha Dogs really fails in any respect
    For my preferences I would take the HD800 for something very airy and also good for gaming
  12. cute

    HE-560, price for performance is very good, open vs AD closed, both fairly neutral other than that!
  13. cute
    They are nice looking cables with quality workmanship, but no mention of the most important thing.......the wire that is used!  I would look for the latest cutting edge technology, Type 4 or Type 6 Litz, It doesn't corrode, and the sound is phenomenal, aka Norne Vanquish, Double Helix Cables!
  14. GL1TCH3D

    Probably more a question of asking what wire he's using
    At half the price of other makers I doubt he's using the highest quality cable.
  15. Wildcatsare1

    Your not trying to sell me your 560's are you:yum:?
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