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MrSpeakers Alpha Dog Revealed! - The World's First Production 3D-Printed Headphones

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jude, Aug 9, 2013.
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  1. xilo
    I first signed onto the waiting list to upgrade my Mad Dogs. Decided I didn't want to be without headphones for 2+ weeks (I use them at work and absolutely need headphones), so just ordered them outright. Holy crap were they delivered fast. Ordered on Monday. Got them on Wednesday. I was expecting to get them next week going by what the website said.
    First impressions were wow. Nice packaging. Heavy duty stock cable. Beautiful paint job on the cups. Love the quick disconnects. Only thing I wish was the stand was taller so that the headphones can go on there with the cable plugged in. Really impressed with the sound. They are night and day better than the Mad Dogs. I might just have to upgrade those Mad Dogs to use at home.
  2. Douger333
    You should have a piece of foam wedged into the top inside of the stand...  Take that out, put it on top and cables will fit!
  3. vipervick
    I just put my stand on a block of wood.
  4. tehsprayer
    Here is my ikea stand :)
  5. Byronb
    Very nice indeed!
  6. Clemmaster
    Anyone tried the ADs with the Hugo yet?
  7. AnakChan Moderator
    Hugo fans would disagree with me but I found this combo to be a little too surgical for my tastes (note this is pre Doggie Treats). If one likes analytical and really surgical precise presentations, then maybe they'll like this more than me.
  8. MattTCG
    Many thanks to Dan for the quick repair of my AD's. Can't wait to get them back in house. Thanks for the quick turn around!!
  9. HeretixAevum
    Well the Alpha Dogs have certainly caught my attention. I'm wanting to move up from my DT880 to the $500-600 range, which seems to be a price at which I will be able to graduate from dynamics to planars. The Alpha Dog and the upcoming HE400i both have my interest, and once the latter is released and is in stock at Addicted To Audio I'll have to audition both side by side to see which I think I'd prefer. But until then, may as well find out as much as I can about the AD.
    I actually kind of want to like the AD more since it's a much more interesting headphone (as in it's history and what it actually is) and it's sealed which would be nice since I have room mates and occasionally go to LAN Parties. 
    One thing I must say I think I'd love about the ADs is actually having earpads with enough depth that my ears won't touch the drivers! I have that problem with the DT880 and from my reading the new Hifiman headphones have the same problem. The Alpha Pads are just so phat, I think I'd love them. And whilst I do prefer the feel of Velour against the skin, I actually miss how easy to clean leather is. When velour gets gross and oily you have to wash them thoroughly and spend about a day letting them dry. Leather you just wipe it down and dry it with a towel in 30 seconds and you're as good as new, ready to go. I do worry a little bit about the weight of the headphone, though it's still noticeably lighter than the Audeze line and the older Hifiman offerings, and in addition uses a suspension style headband strap which should be quite comfortable and distribute the weight well, so I think I'd be ok with it. I'll find out when I audition them. 
    And from what I've read of the sound it seems like I'd really like them. A nice neutral, clean, quick headphone that doesn't sound strident and doesn't roll off in the lower bass like an open dynamic? Yes please!
  10. HeretixAevum
    Can anyone give me their impressions of the bass response? I've heard some very contradicting reports about it. The general consensus is that it's a neutral headphone so it's not going to sound boosted or warm, which isn't what I want. However, some say that it's got authority and punch when called for and others say that it's quite polite and doesn't really have any rumble going on. 
  11. Byronb
    From my experience the bass that you hear is what is in the recording. That being said the most important thing about quality listening with these phones is getting a good seal, if you don't then the bass response will sound anemic and not very authoritative. Spend a few seconds each time you wear them for the first week or so and don't be afraid to rotate the pads to suit your head and you will be rewarded with an incredible sound that is hard to match at anywhere near the price point. 
  12. olegausany
    Because bass isn't boosted or emphasized but it's here if recording calls for it
  13. MattTCG
    ^^ Pretty much this. You can say that the bass is very linear. It will be true to the recording. Put on a recording with lot's of bass slam and you'll get just that with the AD. The bass goes deep and has very nice visceral punch. 
    I had the lcd2-f and the AD to compare side by side. The AD went toe to toe with the lcd2 on bass response and I actually preferred the bass on the AD. I sent the lcd2 back and kept the AD. 
  14. jaywillin
    ^^^ pretty much those^^^ , and i was able to compare a just before the fazor lcd2.2, the bass while being deep, is fast, tight
    just like i like it !
  15. HeretixAevum
    Ok, great that is what I wanted to hear. In any case, I would definitely audition them first, but that very much describes the kind of bass that I want. Linear, extended, tight, fast and possessing authority and punch when the music has it.

    I'm really looking forward to Tyl's review, can't wait to see what he has to say about it in detail.
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