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MrSpeakers Alpha Dog Revealed! - The World's First Production 3D-Printed Headphones

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jude, Aug 9, 2013.
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  1. Law87
    The sad part is , it probably cost 40 bucks all together.
  2. reddog
    Thanks for information, I feel my fiio x5 and e12 shall drive my soon to be ordered alpha dogs.. However I shall get a lyr later on, for I want to play with tubes.
  3. wahsmoh
    These headphones have very satisfying bass [​IMG]
  4. kugino Contributor
    to be fair, a well-made cable does require time and a modicum of skill. litz braiding, while not difficult, is time-consuming. like with any kind of work done, the highest fee is the labor.  but yes, the parts cost is quite minimal. so maybe more should build their own cables...it's actually quite fun.
  5. Law87

    ha I'm pretty useless when it come to building anything. Just dont have the crafting mindset.
    on another note, I been talking to Christopher from Charleston cable company, he is making me another adapter, the one I have is going out. I do not think an adapter that is 3" long can make any major sound differences and guess what? its 60 bucks. We will see how it goes when I receive it, hopefully my old adapter will still work by then.
  6. kugino Contributor
    nice! glad you found someone to build you a cheaper adapter. i'm in the camp that doesn't think cables make much of an audible difference, but that's for another thread in another section of the forum. i build cables b/c of convenience (some cables are just too long or too heavy) and aesthetics. pretty cables just sound so much better! [​IMG]
  7. jaywillin

    i believe cables can make a subtle, not huge difference , but there is something to be said for looks, build quality, and ergonomics , i'd bought a single ended cheaper dhc of the classified thread
    and was very impressed with its quality, so when i decided to get a balanced cable for my lcd-x, instead of getting a whole other cable for the alpha, the $140 was cheaper than buying a whole separate cable, a little less than half the cost of the cable i had gotten and its all the same wire.
    so, my rational, i got two cables , very high build quality, looks, feels, for less than something from alo, moon, etc.
    maybe one day i'll try to build some myself, i'd need to learn how to solder first, i haven't done that since i was a kid just messing around !
  8. Beagle
    Good to hear! I'm assuming you mean balanced ? [​IMG]
  9. tehsprayer
    I hope you get to April 20 orders soon! I ordered mine on April 20th.
  10. bmichels
    Anyone Alpha with Eddie Current Balancing Act ?  
  11. Law87

    I used to think that too. As a matter of fact I used to laugh at the people that spend ridiculous money on cables, but ever since I bought my Alpha Dog from a member name cute. He send me a double helix cable along with the stock cable and yes there is a big difference, you cant say its in my head because I dint pay extra for it. The sound-stage is bigger, it is more clearer, the Bass is less but more detail. Now do I reccomend paying 1000 for the best of the best cable? probably not, there is that price/performance factor but needless to say, I been using the aftermarket cable more than the stock cable and quiet happy with it.
    the bonus is its durable cable (except for the adapter which crapping out) and it looks very nice, I gotten compliments on airplane from several people about the cable (and the headphone of course).
  12. Ableza
    Man, every time I read about someone using Alpha Dogs on an airplane I think wow, I would never use anything that big and bulky for travel.  I travel a lot for business and for me, the smaller and lighter the better.  My travel rig is Etymotic HF3's and my iPhone 5 with the Beyerdynamic A200p.  That's about the only extra stuff I want to carry - I have too many things to juggle as it is.
  13. kugino Contributor
    i certainly don't doubt that you think you hear a difference. 
    wow, you take the ADs traveling with you? that's one whole carry-on! [​IMG]
  14. aamefford
    I'm getting a custom cable for my Alphas, but strictly for ergonomics - less stiff, and with a mini XLR termination and two adapters, mini XLR to 1/4" stereo, and mini XLR to 4 pin XLR for balanced use.  The stock cable is good, but a bit stiff, and a full size XLR to 1/4" is a bit bulky.  Plus I wanted something new and cool looking…  Do I expect to hear a difference? No - the stock cable is good.  Most studios use the same cabling for most of the recording mics.
  15. sathyam

    I carry my LCD-3 and the AK240/ALO MK3-B+ to work everyday :). I am sure the AD is much easier to lug around. I have a Slappa case to go with expected ADs.
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