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MQA Support in DAPs Discussion

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by dblml320, Nov 9, 2018.
  1. dblml320
    I see no forum or thread to discuss and list DAP devices that support MQA, and why DAP devices should or shouldn't support MQA. So I am creating this thread for that discussion.
  2. dblml320
    If you know of a DAP that supports MQA please post the brand and model number here.
  3. phower
    No proprietory **** please. Let them publish the full details of MQA without NDA, then we can talk.
  4. technobear
    I won't buy any DAP (or any other piece) that supports MQA. I refuse to feed the beast.

    We already have a free lossless high resolution CODEC. It is called FLAC and just about every player out there now supports it.

    We do not need a paid for, LOSSY CODEC that requires specific licensed hardware/firmware and enforces upsampling and specific digital filtering thereby reducing consumer choice and reducing sound quality. My impression of MQA so far is that it is an unnecessary and shameless money grab and nothing more.
  5. dblml320
    Thank you for your post. I myself do not know the specifics if MQA. Last summer I asked a DAP manufacturer about MQA support, and their response was why would anybody want that. Well the other day I saw a reference to some Beatles content in MQA format..so I wanted to learn more. There didn't seem to be a single thread for discussion of MQA so I started this one. Maybe I should change the thread name "All things MQA".

    I am not a supporter .Of MQA. I don't know enough about it yet to support or not. I do think when companies like Apple and Giggle, etc want to officially support hi res audio, they will do it in the guise of MQA.

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