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MPX3 - $490 obo - Shipped

  1. omedon
    Be sure to read the follow up posts. There has been so much interest at $490 that it is now 'Make me your Best (higher) Offer'

    I have an MPX3 for sale. It has been sitting 2000 miles away in a closet at my parent for a couple of years now. It is time for it to go.

    Coming back to head-fi a year later I see now that there are major issues with some singlepower amps. This is an early model MPX3 and not one of the high powered 'Problem Amps'. But given the situation I would recommend getting it checked out by a professional (as I would ANY Single Power amp).

    I am offering it at a hefty discount, a) Because I want to get it out of my parents house quickly and b) to compensate for thorough inspection of the unit by a technician

    That said it has always run fine for me and isn't one of the 'problem' singlepower amps. Also is in great cosmetic shape (pics to come) and sounds beautiful. Back when I was listening to it I was very much in love with its robust sound. But I now live in a room the size of a large closet and simply don't have the space for an amp this size. Let alone a drawer full of tubes!

    $995 - MPX3
    $285 - Ultimate Power Supply Upgrade (Solen Stage III)
    $154 - Jensen Paper in Oil Caps
    $229 - Stepped Attenuator
    $119 - Pre-amp Outputs
    $1782 - Price of this configuration new.

    I bought if on this forum from tone and received it on March 20th 2006. He purchased it new Sept. 20th 2004.

    I don't know about Tony's usage but I had this amp turned on and in use somewhere ~160-220 hours.

    It comes with my entire tubes collection (all the ones I can find anyways).
    2 Tung Sol 6bx7GT
    1 Tung Sol 6sn7GTB
    1 Westinghouse 6bx7GT
    1 Raytheon 6bl7GTA
    1 GE 6bl7GTA
    2 GE 6bx7GT

    Most of the tubes are NOS or very near it.

    Feel free to PM me with any questions or offers. My head-fi feedback is in my sig and my ebay feedback is found under the handle algernon_11

    Some pictures as requested. Hopefully more to come soon...

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. FallenAngel Contributor
  3. raffy
  4. nelson
    Is this still available? I'm interested.

  5. omedon
    My inbox has been flooded with PM's from interested parties. I hope this will answer most of your questions. Feel free to contact me if you any others or would like to make me an offer.


    Q: Is this still available?
    A: Yes it is, I got a lot of interested responses right off the bat, I wanted to post some pictures and answer some questions.

    Q: The unit has been sitting a while has it been tested recently?
    A: No it hasn't though it worked perfectly a year and a half ago when I last listened to it. It has been stored very well. I expect it to perform just as well when I return to my parents on saturday and give it a test listen. You should expect that as well.

    Q: This would work in US right (110V)?
    A: Yes standard voltage will work fine in the US or Canada. Would need a mod to work in Europe (230V)

    Q: What tubes come with the unit?
    A: Check the updated original post

    Q:Will your parents be shipping the unit from Canada?
    A: I plan to ship the unit myself from Canada

    Q: Are there any scratches on the case?
    A: Cosmetically it is excellent with one minor flaw, can you spot it? It is barely noticible.


    I hope this helped
  6. omedon
    My inbox is continuing to be flooded. I wanted facilitate a quick sale. But perhaps I priced this a little low? I have about 7 eager buyers at my current asking price.

    I know this is a great deal at $490 but would it still be a great deal to you at $520 or $560?

    If so then please make me a Higher (than asking price) Offer. I will end up taking a huge loss on this amp any way you cut it.

    Sunday morning I will start working my way through PM's from the Highest above asking to the lowest. And if there are no higher offers I will go through the PM's and try to decipher who expressed the most interest at $490 first. I am going to do a final test of the unit Saturday night. And hopefully I will be shipping the amp off to it's new owner by monday or tuesday.

    Lastly I should note that all of the tube pairs were sold to me as NOS off of ebay. Though I don't have a tester to verify that. They seemed like a trust worthy seller or I wouldn't have bought from them. Also he prongs on all the non paired tubes look very unused except the Westinghouse.

    Thank you for your patience
  7. AudioDwebe
    Shouldn't you have sold it to the first taker at $490? You got a bunch of offers so now you're raising the price?!?!?


    Sorry, mods.
  8. FallenAngel Contributor
    Yep, this is bad form and I think auctions are against forum policy. Meh, anyway.
  9. specto
    not cool bro, not cool

    It's just that he offered it at $490, you can't change your price like that. Especially since others asked already.
  10. IceClass
    Apparently this is all the rage on HF at the moment but as good capitalists we can all just go suck on an egg.
  11. bergman2
    ditto ... sell it for $490 or retreat to ebay
  12. glitch39
    x4. peddling it like a that leaves a bad very taste.
  13. boomana
    Since the op has changed his mind and has chosen to not sell the item at the price he announced, but now says he wants to see how much people will pay, this thread is closed. He can open another if he chooses with corrected pricing, but ebay is not a bad suggestion if he wants to sell this amp to the highest bidder.

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