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MP4NATIONUSA.COM Now Open - For USA Based Buyers :)

  1. razzer001 Contributor

    I am very happy to announce a new spin off store, MP4 Nation (USA), that will cater directly for USA based customers. All items purchased through MP4 Nation (USA) will be shipped from USA [​IMG] - Don't worry the prices on MP4 Nation (USA) we will always try to offer the same pricing on all products.

    The main purpose of MP4 Nation (USA) is to offer USA customers a more convenient option, with purchased products arriving much faster. MP4 Nation (USA) may not have all the same products, combos and deals, but it will have the more popular products.

    1. Free UPS/Fedex Ground shipping on all orders
    2. Low cost 2day UPS option
    3. All orders shipped from warehouses located in USA
    4. Return or RMA sent to USA address.
    5. Same great customer service [​IMG]
    6. Special USA only deals!

    Some things i do need to point out:
    1. MP4 Nation (USA) is not a physical entity in USA, we use warehouses located in USA to have our products stored and when purchased through MP4 Nation (USA) our logistic partners will ship it out to you.
    2. MP4 Nation (USA) customer support will be handled through the Hong Kong office and replies will be done during our normal HK working hours (M-F, 9:30am - 6pm).
    3. Only orders made through MP4 Nation (USA) will be sent from our USA warehouses, orders placed through the main MP4 Nation site will always be shipped from Hong Kong.
    4. MP4 Nation (USA) only accepts orders that have a USA shipping address.

    To kick off our new site i have some MP4 Nation (USA) only deals:
    1. 5% off all items (except Brainwavz ProAlpha) (ends Jan 25th)
    2. $10 off all Nationite N2 models (ends Jan 31st)
    3. Brainwavz ProAlpha only $29.50 (ends Jan 23rd)
    4. Save $35 when you purchase a Nationite N2 8GB and Brainwavz M3 (discount shown on cart)

    What are you waiting for, jump on over to MP4 Nation (USA)
  2. slapshot30
    Brainwavz m2's for almost half off until friday! Who could possibly pass that up... I couldn't.
  3. razzer001 Contributor
    Just need to point out that some M2 orders being placed through MP4Nation (USA) will be shipped latest Thursday as new stock is still being processed by Amazon and not ready to be sent out.
  4. Dougeefresh
    Does this mean E9+E7+M2 combo will also be shipped out on Thursday (if ordered today)? Where is the warehouse located?
  5. slapshot30
    The site says it will take a max of two days for shipping. They use UPS or Fedex. The site says this which makes me believe they ship from more than one warehouse in the US.
    "All items purchased through MP4 Nation (USA) will be shipped from warehouse locations within the USA.
    MP4 Nation (USA) offers FREE SHIPPING by UPS or FedEx ground shipping, which can take up to 2 working days to arrive to most destinations within the USA. All orders placed at MP4 Nation (USA) will be shipped with tracking information."
  6. Dougeefresh

    I hope that statement stands. I've been waiting for my other order from them for 22 days and counting, and it still haven't left Hong Kong, it looks like...
  7. Armaegis
    Any plans to expand shipping to Canada?
  8. razzer001 Contributor
    I am trying to work on a solution to get our products sent from within Canada, but don't expect a Canada MP4 Nation soon. We are expanding to other countries, the next will be for Europe :)
  9. Caphead78
    Will the S:Flo2 show up anytime soon on the US site?
  10. razzer001 Contributor
    The S:Flo2 will be on sale, but only after Feb 15th, you may see a preorder a week before the shipments arrival on the site.
  11. RibeyeAndScotch
    I am getting kinda worried. I purchased some M2s from the USA site last week and my order still says "Processing" and they are non responsive to any e-mails and support tickets. I checked out their forum and it seems these guys aren't very customer oriented. On their site, it says 4-7 days to complete a order from start to finish if within the states, mine is almost reaching double that and Im not the only one it seems....
  12. slapshot30
    No matter when you ordered them, the earliest they could send them out was thursday. As you know it's a brand new site and they are still getting things figured out. I ordered mine right away on monday, they shipped late thursday and the site says shipping takes around 2 to 3 days.

  13. RibeyeAndScotch

    That would be fine except I ordered mine on monday as well and it still says processing instead of it being shipped out on thursday. I can wait another week but Im gonna need some sort of communication with mp4nationusa. But the more I wait, the more I look into other IEMs.
  14. slapshot30
    Hmm... that's really weird then. Maybe they didn't have that many and they only shipped as much as they had at the time, or they were flooded with tons of orders. I don't really know what to tell you, that's very odd. Either way, I would be surprised if you didn't get them by the end of this week.
  15. slapshot30
    UPDATE: I received my m2's today, very speedy shipping. Came from USPS first class. USPS does keep moving on weekends which is nice so I got them on a sunday.

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