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MP4NATION (USA) - Brainwavz M2 Just $39.50 - Grand Opening Special For Head-Fi Members

  1. razzer001 Contributor
    I am very happy to announce a new spin off store, MP4 Nation (USA), that will cater directly for USA based customers. All items purchased through MP4 Nation (USA) will be shipped from USA [​IMG] - Don't worry the prices on MP4 Nation (USA) we will always try to offer the same pricing on all products.

    The main purpose of MP4 Nation (USA) is to offer USA customers a more convenient option, with purchased products arriving much faster. MP4 Nation (USA) may not have all the same products, combos and deals, but it will have the more popular products.

    1. Free UPS/Fedex Ground shipping on all orders
    2. Low cost 2day UPS option
    3. All orders shipped from warehouses located in USA
    4. Return or RMA sent to USA address.
    5. Same great customer service [​IMG]
    6. Special USA only deals!
    To kick off our first MP4 Nation (USA) Head-Fi deal we are offer the Brainwavz M2 for just $39.50, LINK.
    Purchase of this item is restricted to USA based buyers. If you buy before the 25th you can take advantage of the store wide 5% sale and get it for just $36.52.
    Deal ends on Friday or if stocks run out, which ever first.
  2. akacoke
    wow , great news and great deal, cant beat $36.52 bump for headphones from my country
    too bad i already got a pair of m2
  3. beachgeek
    Sounds like a great deal, but where do you buy the foam tips and ear gliders from?
  4. akacoke
    i bought mine from a member here who won the m2 and e5 as prizes, my m2 came with them


  5. mootookang
    Was kind of hoping the deal would be on M1 or M3 instead, but still in for one. :)
  6. beachgeek
    Now the site states the M2 does not come with foam tips or ear gliders.  Kind of makes it hard to put in your ear.
  7. beachgeek
    [​IMG]  ouch, help me, my ears need foam tips!
  8. razzer001 Contributor

    We had to drop the foam tips and ear gliders as we couldn't get enough made for all our production, new production units after Chinese New year will come with foamies. If you really need good foam tips i would recommend Comply tips.

  9. goody
    argghh i live in uk , i want to get a pair of m2 at that price!![​IMG]
  10. razzer001 Contributor


  11. razzer001 Contributor
    FYI our M2 stock is now shipping out from the USA warehouse :)
  12. Djini

    Well I just paid $60 for my pair, delivered to the UK.

    They did throw in a foil amp for 'free' though.

    Seriously, that work out like £37 all-in. Come on! Get your wallet out! Everyone loves these IEM's!!!
  13. eshroom
    But the price has gone up, and it is still in stock. I thought you said Fridaaayyyyyy!!!!
  14. matto
    :frowning2: Aus shipping please :D
  15. hojomojo96
    Hey, razzer, is there gonna be a sale on the Pro Alphas anytime soon? :p

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