Moving from speakers to headphones only (HD800) - to DAC or not to DAC.
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  Your Linn Unidisc should be a pretty good source. I would hold onto that and get a decent amp. I've heard the Schiit Lyr but not the Woo audio. As for the headphones, try as many as you can before you decide. I thought I was going to end up with LCD-2's but found that I liked the 702 anniversaries more after a few trials.
Also keep in mind that the HE-6 is more power hungry than the other 2 you mentioned.
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Pre order a fully upgraded geek pulse. Includes fully balanced dac and headamp, femto clock, linear power supply and an audiophile usb cable. Decodes DSD natively- unheard of for the crowdfunded price. Last chance to get one on the followup indiegogo campaign.
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Can you get any of those 3 phones on approval? I love my HD800'S but don't have your portable front end. I play mine mainly through either DX100 C4 or AK100 and have no complaints. The HE6 has a phenomenal reputation for good sound too. I have not had the pleasure of listening to it.
I will also say it will take many hours of listening to truly appreciate what you do finally end up with and you have narrowed your choice to 3 very good phones. Do you listen at high volumes and what do you listen to mainly rock, classical, jazz? I am a rock fan but I have a collection ranging through acoustic folk 60s synth pop heavy metal classical AOR anything goes. I have no need to reach for another phone whatever comes on and whatever mood I'm in.
The word of warning I would give about buying the HE500 without audition and not on approval is you will always wonder what the other 2 options sounded like and upgradeitis will eventually scratch away at your soul....
Email moon audio and see whether they can offer the 2 top ones for you to try. Then try both the HE6 and HD800's. Can these 2 justify a $700 difference? No.
But are they endgame? My thread says yes. I'm thinking if you're considering spending $1600 the HE500 may not be endgame.
One more thing; have you considered buying either phone through the classifieds on this forum? You will get much better value for money that way and the headphones will still be the same
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I've not tried the SR71B with the HD800's so hence I said see how you go. I'm sure the combo will be great. You've nothing to lose by trying it. How far up is your volume for running your pfe232s?
I wouldn't get rid of them either I'm sure they'll be a good complement to your over ears in situations when you want to listen to music without sound leakage.

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