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Movie Soundtracks

Discussion in 'Music' started by userlander, Dec 19, 2009.
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  1. Double-A
    Movie soundtracks are about the only modern music I can listen to. I like The Godfather soundtracks by Nino Rota, and of course, the Star Wars soundtracks. Also good are the Rain Man soundtrack, the Dances With Wolves soundtrack, the soundtrack for Schindler's List [this is my favorite album, not just my favorite soundtrack, and it also contains my favorite song "Remembrances" (track 13 version)], the soundtrack for Forrest Gump, The Lord of the Rings soundtracks, The Last Samurai soundtrack, the Inception soundtrack, and the Black Swan soundtrack (I would also like to find a good version of Tchaikovsky's Swan Lake).
  2. bonuz
    I also like:
    Ludovico Einaudi - Intouchables
    Hans Zimmer - The Dark Knight
    Jan A.P. Kaczmarek - Hachiko: A Dog's Story
  3. Rob49
    Hi guys,
    I'm desperately trying to find out the name of a soundtrack. For U.K. residents, it was featured on last week's Film 2016. The Oscar's feature, the last segment of music.
    I've also heard it on the X Factor & Celebrity Jungle, background music, it's a dramatic beautiful piece of music, that builds....it's driving me insane, trying to find out what Soundtrack it is ! ??
    Can anyone help ! ??
    ( It starts at 14.37 - Film 2016 - Feb 25th episode. )
  4. WraithApe
    I think you might be referring to Heart of Courage by Two Steps From Hell.
  5. Rob49
    No, thanks, I've found out what it is....it's the track, "Time", from the "Inception" Soundtrack, by Hans Zimmer.
    I've ordered the album, just listening to it now. ( Auto rip. )
  6. thefunkygibbon
    I am a big fan of movie soundtracks.
    For me the greatest is
    Paris,Texas by Ry Colder
    Anything by John Murphy, he did Adagio for Strings which features in Sunshine and many other films.

    Sicario by Johan Johansson is also superb.

    I will post examples when I get near a PC.
  7. as1617947
    Actually, soundtracks play a substantial role in the making of a great film. Have you noticed No Country For Old Men. Great!
  8. MikeRight

    You have to try Interstellar by Hans Zimmer.
    Just put your headphones on, turn off the light, play the music and the journey will start.

  9. WraithApe
    Shout out for Mogwai's new album, Atomic - a soundtrack to Mark Cousins's documentary Atomic: Living in Dread and Promise. The film is about the legacy of Hiroshima, 70 years on. The soundtrack finds Mogwai in suitably sombre and epic mood and as a fan of the band, I would say fine form.
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  10. MarkoSt

    It`s "girl movie"... But the soundtrack rocks!
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