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Movie Soundtracks

Discussion in 'Music' started by userlander, Dec 19, 2009.
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  1. Prog Rock Man
    Try Deborah Lurie and Danny Elfman and the soundtrack to '9'. It is in a similar vien to The Dark Knight.
  2. userlander

    Originally Posted by AmanGeorge /img/forum/go_quote.gif
    The Prague Philharmonic Orchestra has done a lot of performances of John Williams film music (including a whole album of Star Wars music) - they're generally good recordings, very nice and dynamic. I'd recommend picking up one or two of their discs.

    I agree, they are really great on these discs. I was also really surprised by the Henry Mancini piece for the "Lifeforce" movie (that I'd never heard of). That rocks! [​IMG]


    Originally Posted by Prog Rock Man /img/forum/go_quote.gif
    Try Deborah Lurie and Danny Elfman and the soundtrack to '9'. It is in a similar vien to The Dark Knight.

    I have to admit, Danny Elfman is one composer I just don't get into that much. I think he's a great writer, I just can't get into his style.

    Deborah Lurie - any relation to John Lurie? <googles>
  3. dex85
    Battlestar Galactica, stunningly good and versatile for TV show soundtrack. on top of it, it is very well recorded, sound has a great sense of depth and it's easy on ears.
  4. dex85
    Brothers; as usual with Thomas Newman, most of the album doesn't have much standalone value without picture, but this track came out really well.
  5. KLS
    My current favourite is '500 Days of Summer' :)
  6. Vincent01
    I like The Freddy vs Jason movie soundtrack....How can i live by Ill nino. 
  7. necropimp
    i don't have many... some john williams stuff and a few soundtracks that are of the "compilation of songs used in the film" variety as opposed to the film's score mainly with those it's because there's a track or two that i wanted from a band i like and i found a used copy dirt cheap (and then there's the clerks soundtrack which i bought purely for Berserker)
  8. joomongj
    Forgive me if this was aforementioned but Steve Jablonsky cannot be ignored. Some of his work include Transformers 1, 2, The Island, Gears of War 2. Speed from Mark Mancina, Braveheart, Apocalypto, Enemy at the Gate from James Horner, Se7en from Howard Shore, Enemy of the State from Harry Gregson-Williams & Trevor Rabin.
  9. Crowe09
    What about Twilight soundtrack? Decode By paramore. 
  10. CastanonY
    Clash of the titans soundtrack.... "The bird and the worm" by the used. 
  11. junkanoo
    I'm a big soundtrack/movie score fan.  Here is an eclectic group of things I like.
    Film Noir 'vibe' scores:
    L. A. Confidental
    The Black Dahlia (medicre film, worthwhile score)
    Films with guys wearing a cowboy hat:
    Mulholland Dr. (I also ripped the ending credits which are really neat and interesting)
    Breakfast at Tiffany's
    Midnight Cowboy
    Once Upon a Time in the West
    Films with guys or gals slumped in a chair
    The Man With the Golden Arm
    Thunderball (remastered score)
    You Only Live Twice (remastered score)
    Casino Royale
    Raiders of the Lost Ark
    Interesting Soundtracks
    Pulp Fiction
    Kill Bill (Part 1)
    Next Stop Wonderland (Brazilian Tracks)
    Austin Powers - Man of Mystery
  12. philatticus
    Also a big soundtrack guy.  Staple of my rotation, really.
    Some favorites:
    James Horner - Apollo 13
    Danny Elfman - Edward Scissorhands, Batman, Beetlejuice
    John Williams - Jurassic Park, Harry Potter (3 especially), Indiana Jones, Empire Strikes Back
    Various - 2001 A Space Odyssey
    Basil Poledouris - The Hunt for Red October (IMHO, one of the most underrated ones out there)
    Hans Zimmer and James Newton Howard - The Dark Knight (I go back and forth)
    I have a bunch more, but these are the staples.  I have a few random collections too, but I usually like listening to a whole ST straight through (particularly on road trips!).
  13. Audio-Omega
    I have been listening to Prince of Persia by Harry Gregson-Williams.  The next soundtrack to get is probably The Last Airbender by James Newton Howard.  
  14. leeperry
  15. winma


    Thats a good one, love the movie too! Very epic. 
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