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Mountain View/Sunnyvale/San Jose/Palo Alto/Stanford meetups

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  1. donkeywalker
    Pictures from meetup

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    I think this is a pretty lonely hobby offline and I wonder if there is anyone around the area to exchange listening experiences and try out more headphones.

    Update March 2nd:
    I'm counting 10 people in the thread already. Here is a link to the meetup survey targeting schedules for the next 2 months https://goo.gl/forms/tKMSZWiTSRHoiIL23 , let's make it real!
    Last edited: Mar 26, 2018
  2. elira
    I’m in Sunnyvale. What’s the plan?
  3. Alcophone
    Watching this from a distance in SF, hoping for something close to BART to pop up :)
    Can bring gear.
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  4. kdphan
    Here in the bay area as well hoping to try out a new DAP
  5. ckwong
    I'm in SF. Happy to try and make a local meet as well.
  6. elira
    Seems like there's no much people. Does anyone has space or knows a place to host the meet?
  7. Josh76
    I'm in San Jose and also interested.
  8. Lurk650
    I would be interested, didn't make the SF Meet last year

    @SeeSax you might be interested as well?
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  9. SeeSax
    Can potentially meet up around South Bay as well.
  10. hselburn
    I'm down for this as well. I don't have gear but I'd like to come. Hopefully an official Meet will happen in SF like they have in years past.
  11. krid
    New guy here, kind of hijacking this thread, hope I'm not being too rude.

    I'd be interested in coming to a meet up, but what I'm really interested in is finding someone local who has a Stax setup. I've got a pair of SR-307s and an early-80s vintage SRM-1/MK-2 (refurbished by Yamas a decade ago). A couple weeks ago I noticed that the right channel was quieter by maybe 20% (and getting worse). I don't know if the problem is the cans or the amp and since I only have one of each I'm stuck. I'd like to try hooking my parts up to someone else's parts so I can isolate the problem. Anyone have the necessary bits and the desire to get together?

    I've got a couple pair of low end Grados (60 & 80) and a new pair of Oppo PM3s I can bring along. I've got a Bluewave Get BT dongle on order.

  12. Josh76
    Being specific about gear to try in a meetup strikes me as totally on topic.

    On that note, I can bring:
    La Figaro 339 (updated version)
    iFi iDSD BL
    Little Dot MK III
    Grace SDAC
    Massdrop/Cavalli CTH
    Aeons (may sell them so ... maybe won't have them)
    TH-X00 PH + Lawton tune up
    Elex (if we wait that long to meet)

    I'd like to try:
    Bottlehead Crack (+ speedball?)
    Audio-gd (curious about their sound signature)
  13. donkeywalker
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  14. Lurk650
    Can't give any specific dates for the survey but for the next few weeks I'll be working Sundays til 2pm in Mtn View so I can easily make it after. Saturdays may work too.

    I can bring any gear from my profild.
  15. Alcophone
    I can bring MrSpeakers Ether Flow and Ether C Flow, Focal Listen, and a Schiit Jotunheim (or two, one with the DAC module). If someone gives me a ride from/to San Francisco, I could bring a Schiit Yggdrasil as well, it's just not very backpack-friendly.
    Would love to hear a Violectric HPA-V281, Schiit Ragnarok, Headamp Gilmore Lite Mk II or Topping DX7s... and any Eddie Current products... and I guess everything else I've never heard before :wink:
    Last edited: Mar 3, 2018
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