Mountain View/Sunnyvale/San Jose/Palo Alto/Stanford meetups

  1. donkeywalker
    I think this is a pretty lonely hobby offline and I wonder if there is anyone around the area to exchange listening experiences and try out more headphones.
  2. elira
    I’m in Sunnyvale. What’s the plan?
  3. Alcophone
    Watching this from a distance in SF, hoping for something close to BART to pop up :)
    Can bring gear.
  4. kdphan
    Here in the bay area as well hoping to try out a new DAP
  5. ckwong
    I'm in SF. Happy to try and make a local meet as well.
  6. elira
    Seems like there's no much people. Does anyone has space or knows a place to host the meet?
  7. Josh76
    I'm in San Jose and also interested.

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