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Discussion in 'Gear-Fi: Non-Audio Gear and Gadgets' started by jax, Mar 6, 2010.
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  1. immtbiker Moderator

    Had fun last year with this:
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  2. Simon Templar
    Back in the '80s, I had a friend (long since passed away now, though) who owned a Suzuki dealership.  In mid-'88 or so, I got the first '89 Katana 1100 that crossed the state line inbound.  I put the Suzuki re-branded Krausers on it and rode it until I sold it in '93.  I had been riding since the late '60's and was getting kind of burnt out on bikes.
    The kid who bought it from me had no business being on that bike.  I seriously considered refusing to sell it to him.  I've little doubt in my mind that, before the end of the summer, he either destroyed my Kat or himself...I just never found out which it was.
    Never really regretted getting out of riding at that time. It's only been in the last 18 months or so that I've gotten the itch again...hence, the Dark Horse.  Always thought it might be kinda nice to find another Kat like my old one as a project bike to go with it.
    The 89 and 90 Kats were pretty good all in all.  The later ones did have the problems you mentioned....mirrors and 'glass cracks.  Later ones also were partial to alternator troubles as well.  I suspect Suzu switched to a cheaper glass later in the run.
  3. jasonb
    spring is coming.... lets wake this thread up
  4. delfine22
    One summer I will fulfill my fantasy of riding my own custom cafe/bobber. Ive always wanted to do it, but haven't even gotten my motorcycle license yet.
  5. pigmode
    Bought *another* CRF250L 5 months ago. The plan was to pick up a KTM 690 Duke, been wanting one for a long time, but decided to wait another year to make way for other projects. Now I'm worried they'll move production to India, at which point the 690 will be struck off my list. Second choice will be an EXC350F with SM wheels. 
  6. DrakeShot
    Awesome ride. Do you have a off-road set up on this?
  7. herrsmith
    Resurrecting this thread for my moto journey (so far).

    It started humbly with a 1980 CX500C. But that lasted hardly a year before I got the itch to upgrade. I moved on to a 2001 SV650. It was great. I pushed the button and it ran (I'm looking at you, 30 year old Honda in Western NY). But, eventually I decided that it just wasn't particularly fun. Enter, 2007 Aprilia Tuono. Too. Much. Fun. I still love that bike even though I had to sell because I was moving across the Atlantic Ocean. I'm looking for a new bike here, but it'll probably be a bit smaller, fairly cheap, and quite city friendly. I look forward to checking back in with y'all once I get that bike going.
  8. Ultrainferno
    My bike. Summer, please hurry.

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  9. herrsmith
    Heated gear and then it's summer all year. Well, not if there's ice.
  10. immtbiker Moderator
    After 25 Years of SuperSport riding, my wife and I wanted both speed and comfort (plus luggage and storage), so this is our new baby. We have been riding any weekend that it is above 45F.

    K1600 GTL.jpg
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  11. waveSounds
    Come on fellow riders, think this thread needs a bit of a kick-start...

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  12. Ultrainferno
    Customized! IMG_20190322_171035.jpg
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  13. joseph69
    Had no idea this thread existed (or at least I don't remember posting in it?)



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  14. zx10guy
    At VIR this year.
    20190509_152142.jpg track1.jpg track2.jpg
    Last edited: Aug 14, 2019
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  15. joseph69
    I love the sport bikes, especially watching (The Ilse of Man TT Races) but have always chosen to ride cruisers/tourers.
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