Most "Tubey sounding HP amp under 500$

  1. cardeli22
    I will be using the tube amp mostly with my Beyers 1990pro. I have looked at the Schiit Lyr 3, Project Ember, and Massdrop CTH. If there are others that might fit the textbook sound of tubeyness please let me know. I realize different tubes have different sonic properties. I guess my question is two-fold: What Tube amp sounds the most "tubey" with the stock tubes and which sounds the most tubey with the right tube. Thanks in advance.
  2. buke9
    A OTL tube amp would be a better choice for more tube sound than those hybrid tube amps .
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  3. cardeli22
    Thanks for commenting. Anyone in particular you recommend?
  4. chimney189
    Bottlehead Crack
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  5. cardeli22
    Thanks for the recommendation.
  6. buke9
    That is also what I would recommend but can get a bit pricey with good tubes just so you know. Though I would not call it tubey the CTH is a very good amp for the money and one of the few I like the HD-650’s from other than a Crack and a O2 is also good for me. Haven’t heard the 1990’s but if they are like most Beyers I’ve heard maybe not a CTH but a Project Ember is a bit more warm and can do justice to planars as well. Haven’t heard the new Lyr so don’t know for sure .
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  7. cardeli22
    Speaking of Alex Cavalli products, I was looking at The Monoprice Liquid Platinum (built with Alex Cavalli's input and guidance). But that one has had its release pushed back till October I believe.
  8. buke9
    I heard the prototype it is balanced if I remember correctly .
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  9. cardeli22
    Balanced and SE judging by the pictures on the Monoprice website. Did you enjoy it's sound?
  10. buke9
    Yes I did. But I was hoping for the Liquid Ambience. The Little Tungsten.
  11. buke9
    This is definitely one of my favorite amps. Cavalli Liquid Tungsten Prototype got a chance to hook it up to my Yggdrasil and Ether-C’s and don’t think they will sound better.
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  12. cardeli22
    Wow! Very nice.

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