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Most durable yet tolerably sounding IEM <$100

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  1. Greg32
    Just looking into buying a pair of buds that I can use when I walk around, workout, video chat, etc.  Sort of an all-purpose set that has decent durability.  Preferably under $100 but if justified can go up to $150, maybe higher.  I'm by no means an audophile, but I do care for clear sounding cans.  Nothing too bass heavy or blurry, nor neutral.  I listen mostly to Reggae, Hip Hop, R n B, so solid bass is integral.  I'd love for it to have an in-line mic since as I mentioned I'd like to use it for video chatting, but don't hold back any suggestions due to that. 
  2. Jeremypsp
    Klipsch S4 :)
  3. Greg32
    Oh, and ones that I have been looking at so far are the Klipsch S4s and V-Moda Vibratos. Each with mixed reviews of course, but nothing in that price range is gonna be without flaws. What I have heard about the S4s is the bass can be too heavy, but some say after burn-in they are auralgasmic.  The main complaint I've heard about the vibes is the cloth cable, which can ironically create annoying vibrating noise. I do like both companies.  Customer support is solid with both, and I've seen V-moda's Val on these forums and elsewhere in the cyberworld. 
  4. Greg32


    haha sweet. have you listened/heard of the vibratos at all?
  5. Greg32
  6. yliu
    I've been using an Etymotic hf5 for about 2 years now, almost every day, and it's holding up great.
  7. Greg32
    look pretty nice! i guess if i camp on Amazon i can get um for under $100 (preferably the black version). how are the klipsch x10? I seen um on Amazon right now for$140.  should i snatch um up?
  8. tomscy2000
    Well, I had the S4, and they broke after a couple of months, even though it's probably an anomaly. Joker recommends the Brainwavz M2 (ViSang R03) over the Klispch S4; it's supposed to be better built and have better SQ with the same type of bass driven signature. This was a few years ago, though, so better options might've popped up.
    If you can get the X10 for that price, good for you. They're much better than the S4 while retaining the same comfortable tips; it's an all around performer that's invariably more dynamic than the very analytical HF5. IMO, the only Ety really worth getting is the ER4P/S/B, but that's me. For your genres, Etys won't really work at all... their bass is minimal.
    If I may suggest a dark horse candidate, try the FutureSonics Atrio M5 w/MG7; it has some of the best bass I''ve heard from a dynamic driver, while still being clear in the other ranges. It's not the best looking IEM though, but seems quite durable. Most online prices have it near the price of the X10. IMO, the X10 probably won't give you the impact you want in the bass.
    I can say that I'm not a basshead at all, and I was very pleased with the Atrios. The sub-bass was just sublime. It has a U-shaped response, which is not my type of sound at all, but overall, I was very impressed.
    Reviews here:
  9. Angelopsaro
    I read some reviews in Amazon saying the build quality is not very good for such an expensive headphone..
    Hm i just got my Hisound crystal.. they could be one of the best constructed iems out there in the price range.. If you want mic, i would also suggest the audeo phonaks which are praised for build quality after the first batches and also etymotics have good reputation.
  10. tomscy2000
    The build quality on which one(s)? S4? X10? HF5? Atrio?
    And which Audeo? 022? 122? 232? haha... just ribbing ya... :)

  11. Angelopsaro
    I didnt realize i am speaking to the world xD
    Am talking about the klipsch X10, the iems the OP is thinking in his last reply.
    Regarding the phonak audeos i am talking for all besides the 232. Probably the 122 since they have a mic.
    You should tell us how you want them to sound. You said not too much bass nor neutral?
    And if you plan to give $150 then a lot more options are out there like the fxt90 and the gr07 which are the most popular nowdays
  12. tomscy2000
    Well, OP probably doesn't know what he wants; he says he doesn't want anything too bass heavy, and then he says solid bass is a must. I take this as "bass heavy, but quality"... that's why I recommended the Atrios w/MG7. They have some of the best sub-bass I've heard in any IEM, dynamic or BA, and are still quite clear in the mids, and even a bit sparkly in the highs. They're not pretty, but are built with thick plastic that looks like could take a beating... basically a very solid package overall.
    IMO the X10 aren't built too poorly... better than the S4 and Custom 3 at least. I'd say they're solid, just not super confidence inspiring because of the slightly thin cables. They're definitely a nice deal at $140.
    I can't comment about the Audeos because they don't sell them where I live, but I've heard nothing but good things about them. At the same time, if he wants copius bass, they're probably not a good choice, even with the bass filters on.
    I agree the FXT90 is a good choice, but the GR07 is no longer under $150 (only in China), and more like $180 these days, even they'd be a great choice.
  13. Jeremypsp


    I personally own a Klipsch S4 and I think for the price, they are really good. Bass may be a little too much for me, but I'm the kind of person who goes after bass-lite stuff. But I got to say, the bass is very detailed though.
  14. Jeremypsp


    The Klipsch X10s are a good choice too, it has less bass compared to the Klipsch S4. But one thing is that they are not durable, so for "most durable", it's a no. The HF5 are good sounding and really accurate while being durable and they are more than "tolerable sounding". Though I wouldn't say it sounds better than the X10, the built quality is certainly better. Also if you're looking at the Klipsch X10s, and you are willing to go up a little more, the Ultimate Ears Triple.Fi 10s are really good.
  15. bravo4588
    the etymotic hf5 doesn't have a line-in mic. go for the hf2/hf3. they have the same sound quality as the hf5 but with line-in mic and a bit higher price around 120-140 euros.
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