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Most detailed, accurate, clear, neutral IEMs

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  1. ThickT
    audeo pfe 132 is very good at the entire spectrum. if you ever get the chance give them a listen. 
  2. 1TrickPony
    without looking into the hyper expensive sets of iems, I'll only have one thing to say: Monster Miles Davis TRUMPETS.
    Some people might compare it to a RE-400 but with a more realistic/live bass frequency (yes, I've auditionned it) while retaining the smooth but super extended highs. The mids weren't vocal centric, but they were detailed and nuanced enough to sound real (like sax and trumpets sound like sax and trumpets). No flat. not v shaped. slight V.
    the best? it's so forgiving to source and no freaking sibilance whatsoever. it's PERFECT. you can really enjoy long hours with, and it has that detailed (wow factor)...unlike acclaimed high end that makes you hear that perfect HISSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS... well that's just plain silly paying an arm and a leg!
    sadly, I went through 4 of them (due to not-so-true-lifetime guarantee replacement) and no I ended up in this hell hole called Head-Fi.org...
    seriously... is it too much to ask for people to make such a thing?
    micro drivers ftw!
  3. Tropic
    Noble 4 are really good at this. Audio Technica as well, but don't ask people what's the best - find it for yourself, everyones hearing is different. :
  4. thunderfromsky
    which ciems sound signatures similar as er4 ? Uerm or Lear lcm-5
  5. Porkyan
    Can CIEM's compete with headphones like MrSpeakers Aeons? I'm thinking of just going one pair of super nice IEMs to use for both home and out since im actually out and home about 50-50 of the time
  6. greytomorrow
    I'd say that Lear LCM-5, Hidition NT-6, QDC 8CS and M-Fidelity SA-43 (with Presence switch on) match nearly the same tonal balance as ER-4S(P)
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