Most comfortable in-ear headphones?
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Aug 12, 2003
Hi guys. Used to be a regular here but I have not visited this site in years. I'm not in the loop anymore and I need help.

Im looking for the most comfortable in-ear headphones out there. Im planning to use this with my iphone without an amp. I usually listen to podcasts so audio quality is NOT in consideration. Im just looking for something I can use for long periods of time without discomfort.

Thanks in advance!

Edit: Price limit is $200
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Must surely be different for every individual as our ears are all different. I find my IE8's very comfortable but have had to abandon some great sounding 'phones due to fit. All I can suggest is that some online companies will let you return IEM's if you have problems. have been amazingly helpful to me...
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For the casing itself phonak PFEs are the best, but I have issues with the cable being slightly springy and not staying behind my ears. The westone w4 has the best combination of comfortable casings and pliable cables for me though
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Get something that is very ergonomically shaped. The Panasonic RP-HJE450 and RP-HJE355 are very comfortable. So is the JVC HAFX67. These are all under $25. Most people who tried it comment about how comfortable the JVC HA-FX67 is.

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