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Feb 20, 2008
I am on a quest to find a really comfortable set of full-size headphones for long, all-day listening and listening in bed (don't like to wake up with my phones still on and pressing uncomfortably).

I find Grados to be very uncomfortable. Sennheiser is so-so to me. What are your picks for most comfortable high-sound-quality, full-size headphones?
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i am not an expert on this but my sony mdr f1 has never let me down in any way until i killed it from using too much volume... very light and very soft on the head, but i wouldnt try to lie down with it cuz it just slides right off

if your listening in your bed have you considered the canal phones?
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"if your listening in your bed have you considered the canal phones?"

I love canal phones. I have Ety ER 4 for good sound and Senn "canal-buds" for running, but I get a lot of earwax build up in my ears (yes, I do wash my ears) My ear doc said canal-phones are bad, pushes the wax in deep.
So I've switching most of my listening to full size phones.
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It's very hard to beat 'float' type frames for comfort. So that means, Ergo 2 for current production 'phones.

mb-quart's patented 'cardamatic' suspension is amazingly comfortable too, though. It applies very even pressure because the earcup is suspended by four elastic bands rather than two rigid pivot points. Faust2D has a QP70 for sale at a very reasonable price.
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I find the Stax SR-007 to be über comfortable.
Soft earpads and low clamping force. Recommended!
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I use the Beyer DT770/Pro 80, after two month of break-in it now hugs my head snug - secure but not clamping, super comfortable, very very compact for a circumaural. I love it.
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Yea I just bought the Denon D-2000 and man are they comfy. They completely cup the ear and have leather pads which don't seem to get very hot even after long periods of use.
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Of the many headphones I have owned over the years, the top 3 most comfortable (in order) would be:

1) Denon D5000/D2000
2) AT A900s
2) Sony CD3000s

Although all of those phones are quite comfy while lounging in a chair, I'm afraid they are all likely way too large to wear comfortably while laying down in a bed for extended periods of time.

Good luck.
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I had a set of Sennheiser 570's that were amazingly comfortable. Light in weight and the pads are covered in a very soft material. I thought they were more comfortable than the 580's and worlds more comfortable than Grados. Whenever I put the 570's on I would be amazed at how pleasant they were to wear.

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Another vote for the Beyers. DT770s and 880s feel relatively similar. I went on the pursuit for a set of comfortable headphones after loving the Grado sound and hating the way they feel. AT900s were comfortable but they gave me headaches, while the Beyers are just right.

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