More choices ...when will it end! Pacific Valve Ming DA MC 84C07
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It's not an issue. There is actually a headphone/speaker switch.
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Read earlier that this amp mates best with high impedance cans. Have been researching a new set of phones too. The only high impedance ones currently in the running are the Sennheiser HD650 and Beyerdynamic DT 880, which are open and semi-open, respectively. Am hoping to find a set of closed back HP that mate well with this amp (so the wife can watch TV while I listen to music).

Are there any good closed back HPs that have good synergy with the Ming Da amp?
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The DT770/600 did, IMO.
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Originally Posted by Skylab /img/forum/go_quote.gif
The DT770/600 did, IMO.


Thanks much for all the great info. The Ming Da amp and Beyerdynamic DT 770/600 phones are on order. As are some new tubes for rolling.

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Skylab and moodryn,

Got mine today (sans power cord....frown). Is there any way to bias the EL84 power tubes in this amp? Don't see this mentioned in the owner's manual and don't see any test points or adjustment pots. Maybe biasing is not required.

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Biasing is not required. No worries. Enjoy it!
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So I've been thoroughly enjoying this amp for 3 months now, and am looking to the future some. My next purchase will most certainly be a new DAC, but after that I'm looking at some new headphones.
For the DT-880s, would you recommend the 250 or 600 ohm version pairing better with this amp? And outside of that, would that choice pair decently with any solid state amps that I'd potentially get afterward? (ie, would the 600 ohm version pair well with this amp, but not many others)
I most likely wouldn't be getting anything too extreme as far as a SS amp goes, as I'm a poor college student currently and will be for quite some time if things go according to plan for me (applications are in for graduate schools, keep fingers crossed)

Thanks again for all the input,
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Tried this amp with my Audio Technica ATH-AD700, 32 ohms I think, and experienced no hum. In fact, the AT cans sounded great with this amp!!!!

I did have a couple of problems right out of the box with this amp. Pacific Valve forgot to put the IEC power cable back in the box before they shipped it (sent it later). The bigger issue was the ON/OFF knob took a knock to the front during shipment and pushed it back into the amp. It was hanging loosely when received. Was able to re-secure it using 2 over-sized screws and hot glue (as a gasket). The front knobs are held into the front wood panel with two small screws each. A poor design choice for mounting the knobs. Pacific Valve did offer to replace the amp, but the self repair made this unnecessary.
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Finally received this amp two days ago. It took a month and a half but it is here. What can I say, for $300 shipped on ebay to Australia, I have no complaints. The volume knob worked its way loose - but a quick nip with the right allen key solved that.

When I first got it there was a major channel imbalance with everything coming from the right side. I tried swapping tubes left to right and there was no change. Before I threw it in the bin I thought I'd try "burning" it in. Not a huge believer in burn in - but alas that is what was needed. It is now balanced at the center. Burn in it did, as now it sounds so much more refined than before after several days of burning in on and off.

It was not a sound I have ever heard or expected. The only other valve amp I have is the Cayin HA-01. So this is what a "tubey" sound is, as the Cayin is reputed to have a SS tube sound. Like a midrange bubble where the midrange is the most dominant attribute over treble or bass extension. Where the Cayin reproduced the "fuzz" of a distorted electric guitar perfectly, this amp reproduces the "twang" of an undistorted electric guitar perfectly.

I have once declared the K701 unsuited to valve amps - in hindsight, a fool I am, for with one tube amp was my experience. Any blandness targeted at the K701 will be alleviated with this amplifier. Richness of tone density is abundant. The 62 ohm impedance of the K701 should really be considered 600 ohm for all practical purposes - whereas the Cayin will hum with my 300 ohm HD650 the 62 ohm K701 suffers no such ill fate.

And what of the HD650? Some said the HD650 is no match with the Cayin - for which I could not agree, for the pleasures this match gave me were real. With each step deeper into this horrible abyss I emerge wiser and now agree that indeed they are a poor match.

No seriously its great - have yet to roll tubes. I'd pay a LOT more to have this sound now that I have heard it.
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No doubt - it is a very sweet amp, and an incredible bargain for the $$$.

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