More bass than DT770 pro 80?
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Nov 18, 2012
I used to own a pair of DT770 Pro 80s powered by a fiio e10, I wasn't particularly impressed with the bass after reading all of the reviews but maybe my pair was bad or something. I sold them in favor of some cheaper in-ear headphones (Audiotechnica CKS77) that have relatively comparable bass to the DT770s. However, I still want a larger pair of cans that can output more bass than tiny in-ears. Is there anything out there <$350 that can be powered by an E10 with powerful bass? 
I had posted this on reddit and got a quite a few responses, but most of the headphones recommended are either no longer made or must be imported.  I'd love to be able to just buy some XB500s or XB1000s at a normal price, or heck even the Denon AHD2000
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Aug 28, 2012
That's a tough ask, but I can suggest 2 models:
The V-Moda Crossfade LP2's are $200 + shipping and can be ordered worldwide from v-moda's website, but many headphone shops around the world stock them, plus there is ebay.

The V-Moda LP2 will not require any amplification, unless you are going deaf, and has a very high amount of bass. Having said that though, if you do find the V-Moda's bass a bit uncontrolled and spilling all over the joint, the right amp can settle this right down and bring it under control.

I'm a bass head, but after upgrading to the HTC One smartphone, i simply found the bass too overpowering, and the daily driver i always keep going back to these days is the PSB Speakers M4U2.

The M4U2 includes a built in headphone amplifier (setting 1) as well as active noise cancellation (setting 2) so yes you can have it amped without ANC. Battery life is excellent and so is the bass especially once you bump up to the amped mode. I wear glasses (so good comfort is hard to come by for me) and even I find these comfortable for wearing for long periods.
Check when ordering - there is a cheaper version (M4U1) without ANC and amplification, but when I was ordering from Australia, the minor price difference meant i went straight for the award winning M4U2 version (with amp + ANC).

Most reviewers complain the M4U2 has "too much bass" with the electronics on, but that's why I bought it. It's always a selling point for me when reviewers say that.
The bass in the M4U2's is smooth and controlled but still plentiful whereas the LP2s have "booomier" bass that just hits and doesn't care what happens to it after. Say your listening to a drum and bass track in a breakdown, and you have various bass notes in quick succession, whereas the LP2 might blend them all together a bit, the M4U2's will seperate much better. Some people might mistake this richer detail in bass for having less bass, but trust me it really doesn't. If after buying the M4U2's you realise you need more "oomph" the "equalizer" app in the google play store can really enhance that.
It has a bass boost control as well as an equalizer section, so if you want to leave the high's as is but just bring the bass up, leave the EQ in Normal and slide the bass boost over to about 30%. If however you want more sibilence in the mix which can really enhance vocals on EDM, trance especially, use the Latin profile on the EQ only and you will probably find you won't need the bass boost on at all. In Equalizer, you can turn each section of the system on or off at will, plus control all levels. It's a great app, which IMO is worth paying $3 for, and you do not need root to use it - it has worked on all android phones and tablets i've tried it with.
Hope that helps you out a bit :)
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Nov 20, 2009
Ultrasone Pro 750's have oodles of incredibly clean and controlled bass. They aren't as comfortable as the DT770 Pros, and don't isolate quite as well, but the bass is absolutely thunderous. Greater quantity, as well as greater quality.

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