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Moon Audio Silver Dragon Cable with JHpro13

  1. dhc0329
    I just got the Silver Dragon cable yesterday and am now totally blown away how the cable opened up the sound spectrum. I feel like my JHPro has been upgraded to next notch. 
    I was using whiplash audio twag cable and didn't like the build quality at all. This one was built solid and sounding like a pro!   
  2. zenpunk
    What about weight and comfort? Is it flexible enough?
  3. dhc0329
    It weighs a little heavier than original JH cable but definitely flexible. It hangs over the ears quite nicely. Try the sound you will love it. 
  4. goodvibes
    It's a lot stiffer than the twag or stock but flexible enough. I actually didn't like it any more than the stock cable. I found it had sonic trade offs on my jh13fp. It had less hash but was no more revealing and not better tonally. I slightly preferred the harmonic balance of the stock cable. Sounded clean to give the impression of more clarity but not really more informative. Moon recommends 200 hrs breakin so unless the reviewed is a used cable.......
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  5. dhc0329
    After hearing it with Silver Dragon, the stock cable sounded so tiny and thin to me. I get much fuller and open response with bigger sound stage. Definitely louder at same volume level.
    This was about after 24 hours of use...
  6. goodvibes
    It brings the midbass through lower treble too forward for me. The volume thing should strike you as odd. I think the frequency extremes are a bit lessened in comparison. It's a good cable and the effects aren't radical but it wasn't for me. Glad you like it. I'm sure other will as well.[​IMG] Don't know until you try and it was one of the better ones I tried. 
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  7. dhc0329
    I know I need to burn this thing a bit more to feel the true characteristic but it really has boosted up the bass substantially. I will test more for the final outcome.
  8. JeremyLaurenson
  9. aetheriality

    do you think it could be due to the termination and not the cable itself?

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