Moon 430 HA amp only version PRICE DROP!absurdly low price...SOLD

Discussion in 'Amplification For Sale / Trade' started by jlbrach, Mar 19, 2017.
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  1. jlbrach
    go astros
  2. jlbrach
    need the umbrella here in nyc today
  3. jlbrach
    bump,several sales made that fall through very frustrating
  4. jlbrach
  5. Chozart
    A couple of questions:

    The picture of the back show digital inputs. Does this mean that this amp comes with the (optional) DAC?

    You mentioned 'upgrades': what do those entail?

    What's the age of the amp, and is there still any warranty?
  6. jlbrach
    it is the amp only version.....the amp is a couple of years old,i registered it and that is supposed to give you 10 years of warranty i believe...the upgrade i was referring to was the website upgrade
    Last edited: Feb 9, 2018
  7. Chozart
    *amp only version* duh.

    Thanks for the info though.
  8. jlbrach
    simply an incredibly good amp for the money
  9. jlbrach
    ok,price lowered....priced to sell...too good to pass up
  10. jlbrach
    ok,now i am literally giving this incredible amp away
  11. jlbrach
    never thought i would lower the price this much....have had so many offers fall through.....much lower than this and it makes more sense for me to keep it
  12. jlbrach
  13. jlbrach
    continue to be amazed this is available
  14. InsanityOne
    Are you looking strictly for cash with this sale or would you consider any trades + cash?
  15. jlbrach
    i seek cash
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