Montreal, QC Canada audiophile meet.

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  1. Tsukuyomi
    Anyone know if there is one, or planning on one being established?
    The closest CamJam takes place in New York City, and I believe Head-Fi thinks that should cover the east coast cities for US & Canada. The CamJam in Colorado covers mid US, and the one in California covers the west coast US. If they add a CamJam to Canada it will end up being in British Columbia, Alberta, or Manitoba. However I think the next CamJam added in NA will be in North Dakota due to placement on the map. I would also suspect middle Europe would be a good placement as well.

    I thought about creating a Head-Fi group in Montreal. Starting a Discord and setting up stuff with local merchants for bulk orders on Head-Fi products. I'm currently looking into setting that up as product prices and testing opportunities are very limited in Montreal. The used Head-Fi market is also very under developed here. The rest of Canada kinda has the same problem with Ontario being the best place for Canadians to get Head-Fi products it seems. However prices locally and online are still very bad overall.
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  3. Tsukuyomi
    that would be fantastic, a Discord would be super nice. as i've seen a few Montreal audio enthusiasts that want that.
  4. JamesCanada
    I'd be down.
    I have a few headphones and amps I can drag with me locally.
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  5. Tsukuyomi
    I don't have many headphones and only one dac/amp at the moment. but i'd be okay with dragging them about since most are super small.
  6. 7keys
    So....did anything come of this?

    There was a few guys that got together a few years ago.
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  7. Tsukuyomi
    I dont think so, which sucks because i'd love to go to a audio meet here and meet new audio friends and make contacts :)
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