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Montreal GT meet

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  1. Azoth
    How about a Montreal GT ?
  2. devouringone3
    I would definitely be there!
    GT = Get Together I presume?
  3. KimLaroux
    I'm interested. Though it would have to be worth it since it would cost me around 30$ of transport cost just to get there. And I'm not even in Alma...  How the heck do you plan on going from Alma to Montreal? You could probably pick me up on your way there. [​IMG]
    Where would it happen? Some quiet place where we can setup desktop units?
    I'd love to listen to new stuff, especially some Grado.
  4. devouringone3
    ooooo, Actually I was indirectly saying, or meaning, " I'm sorry I won't be able to participate in any meet this summer", because, hum yeah, I sold my car... :/ :/ Although I could ask for my mother's, but Alma --> Montréal is definitely, well, a 5.5 hours drive.
    But I'd be willing to try hard enough to make it if, I don't know, something real big would be happening, but I don't think such a thing is in preparation as we speak, so I will probably wait until fall trimester and, at that point, or just for the heck of it, make my own meet in a room somewhere around the University of Montréal, lol.
    Oh, I always take for granted every Quebeccer Head-Fier is from Montréal, sorry for that, lol. Oh you would be from Québec, the city?
    I could definitely pick you up :wink:, and with a lot of space in my mother's Dodge Journey to carry gear and even other Head-Fiers... but yeah she uses the car pretty much every day and I don't think it would be anyhow plausible, I don't even think a real meet will happen until we make it ourselves, lol. :/
    But I did spot a few like you and me, that are from Québec :p, so we never know.
    My SR325i's brand is like, totally Grado :D. Other than that, Grado headphones, I don't know what you're talking about.
  5. KimLaroux
    Nah I'm currently in Lanaudière.
    So you're going to UdM? That's far from home. Why not UQaC or Laval?
    I think a mini meet in a university dorm would do... I don't see why we should rent a class room like they did in September. I'm sure there would be ways to get a free room somewhere.
  6. devouringone3
    Oh yeah totally mini-meet, there is a lounge, never used study rooms that I know of, it's fairly easy to find and safe to do in my opinion.
    I'm studying at the École Polytechnique :wink:, and living in the UdeM residences, so I'm always 37 seconds away on foot from my school.
    Although those university would have done the job just as well, I don't remember why I ended up being in Montréal though, lol.
    Oh yeah, now I do, because I started studies in Speech-Therapy / Audiology that were only given by the UdeM. I changed program but stood in Montréal two years later, that's why I'm a bit older (2 years) than others in my class.
    All we need is tables and wall outlets, 1-2-3 of both of them, depending on how many we end up being interested in coming.
    You're very much the first Head-Fier I see other than me that isn't living or studying in Montréal right now :wink: how come you know (so precisely) about Alma and UQaC, may I ask? lol
  7. GL1TCH3D
    I'm definitely interested in a meet. I can bring my Beyer T5p and Grado SR325i and any other cans I acquire by then.
    devouringone3 likes this.
  8. GL1TCH3D
    So is anyone here still interested? I for sure am.
  9. devouringone3
    I am still too!
    But not for the summer, I have to wait for school to recommence, sorry :/. I wish I had a car though.
    We need to be the change we want to see! and I want Head-Fi meets in Québec (*province)!
  10. GL1TCH3D

    You mean quebec city? I could probably go there for a meet since my grandparents live there but I can't really go during the school year.
  11. devouringone3
    *Province, province, lol :p
  12. GL1TCH3D

    Err... Montreal is in the province of quebec last I checked :wink:
  13. devouringone3
    Last time you checked... lol
    It is!
    But I said I want to see more Head-Fi meets in Québec province "in general", which some French speaking people if possible, lol. But we need to begin somewhere, hence I want to help in that change I want to see. Montréal being QC's metropolis and populated, is a center-most and wise spot, so... if we want to appeal more people to the first of a possible series of meets ^^ ^^ ^^
  14. GL1TCH3D

    There are so few meets here in Quebec...
    So anyone have any ideas for dates/places to meet?
  15. devouringone3
    [Let's stop quoting one another, lol]
    Few? there are none!
    My house, tonight! J/k, I'm in Alma Lac--St-Jean. No idea, but we're two that's a good start I say!
    Again I can't go too far away this summer I'm on foot basically, or on bicycle but I'd have trouble carrying my stuff.
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