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Monster turbines??

  1. BTFbossman
    hey im looking to get my first good set of IEMs and was looking at ths klipsch S4s and the monster turbines. I can get the S4s for about 70 and the turbines for about 85.
    Are the turbines worth the extra 15$? 
    Thanks for any help
  2. blackz88
    turbines $85? most likely its fake...
    And i would suggest brainwavz m2
    i own both turbines and M2, and M2 is equally as good for a cheaper price
  3. FearSC549
  4. chelboed
    Turbine's are $49 on Monster's Outlet site. (refurb's)
  5. BTFbossman
    no they are real 

  6. BTFbossman
    how can you tell if they are fake?

  7. RibeyeAndScotch
    I also have both and dont think the M2 is anything like the turbines. Turbines can go deep while they M2 barely dips low at all. The body and bass in the turbines is great while the M2 is better with the treble.

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