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Monster Turbines vs Monster Diddy Beats.

  1. Corrupt
    I own a pair of of turbines but haven't heard the Diddy's before. My friend wants to know which one is better. Regular turbines vs Diddy's.
  2. DancetoExpress
    Haha, I'm in the opposite boat; I own the Diddy's but I haven't heard the turbines before.
  3. cheesepuff
    i wonder how diddy's compare to dre's and 50 cent's HP, its amazing how that signature market exploded
    does anyone know how they compare sonically?
  4. buffalowings


    diddy beats are known to have major build quality issues, control talk remotes breaking, cabling/phones dying at random intervals, currently, the turbines are a much better investment especially since the price dropped due to the amazon sale and monster's own christmas refurb sale
  5. dzman
    I have both. Turbine, SQ is better ( not too much ), Diddy Beats, convenient (music and talk control).
  6. Corrupt
    Looks like the turbine line has better SQ while the beats are suppose to more stylish though I prefer the look of of the turbine buds. My new pair of Turbines,back from warranty has a right angle plug now.

    Sent from my HTC Desire
  7. MarlinsManiac20


    Are any of these sales still going on? And does anyone have a link if so?
  8. DancetoExpress


    I'm not sure if this is the model that we're talking about, nor do I know if this is a sale price, but here: http://www.amazon.com/Monster-Turbine-High-Performance-In-Ear-Speakers/dp/B004EBG0XW/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1296894484&sr=8-2
  9. buffalowings
    at one point, the same phones were on sale for $60, you might have luck finding one in the classified section of head-fi for around the same price
  10. AlexLacasse
    Diddy beats are surprisingly good. But the trubines are definitely a notch above. The turbine Golds are a great alternative for only slightly more $

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