Monster Turbine "Upgrades"
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well, we are all different that is for sure. i have owned the fx500 longer than any of you little tykes and though i like them - i don't feel they trump any other phone in the same ways. they are very good: for the price, they perform like a turbine - simply good price/performance.

they sound signature is different sure, but i would definitely not say the turbine bleeds the bass all over. but then i have the touch 2g which is not as bass heavy as say a sony player. i actually did not like the turbine with the sony while i liked the victor with it.

the victor is much easier to use as it goes easily over the ears. it also responds better to amping than the turbine - i think it has more to show with better amping. but, there is an effortlessness that the turbine has in the bass (not big, but a natural sound) that is not present even in the victor.

the victor has the loveliest bottom bass of any iem i have heard though - dry, chalky and detailed.
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Agreed, it is strange how different users hear each IEM in varied light. Different ear canal shape matching up with the particular earphone... that's one of the biggest intangibles that I think is responsible for varying impressions about each model.

For me, in side by side comparison, the Turbines are simply 'blurry' to my ears. When I listen to the same thing with the Victors it's like a veil is lifted over everything. I do think they have a really good synergy with the Sony X DAP, and maybe the Turbines don't like you say. And maybe the Victors fit me better as well. And yeah, their ultimate bottom end is amazing. Extended, and pure, like a big floor stand speaker. They have that effortlessness.

It's all so trial and error, and bizarre....a constant learning curve.
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Thank you for the help guys. Long story short I bought two of these things (one for me and one for my fiance) and she ended up purchasing some se530s. After listening to them, the Shure's have the balance and clarity I was looking for, but are lacking the "energy" that the dynamic headphones bring to the music. Since we both have a very diverse music selection, I would have to say that the se530s are the jack of all trades, but the master of none. I miss the deep kicking bass of the Turbines for Rap, Techno, Dance, ect but cringe when listening to Soft Rock, Opera or Classical. Long story short I'm keeping one of each, but have a new pair of Turbines lying around if anyone is interested. Thanks for all your help!

PS. We also heard the RS1 while we were at Magnolia in Bellevue and I must say you guys are really starting to kill my income...and I also want some IE8s ...and an amp...and am re-ripping all my cds. Dammit you guys!

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