Monster Turbine Pro - Similar Sound Signature in Todays IEMs
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Feb 6, 2010
I've searched until my right eye started bleeding. I have and love the Monster Miles Davis Tribute, but they are so poorly made I'm searching for a similar sound knowing they will self destruct soon. I don't care if they sound like the gold, copper, or Tribute.

Any ideas for say around $100?

I woulds also like to say, congratulations Monster for designing some of the best sounding IEMs, with the worst possible materials and mfg. practices, then dumping the whole line.

Great work you savvy ececutives you!
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looking at the graph it is a down slope, Moondrop Kanas (non pro version) will be similar
Screenshot (341).png
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Thank you. Both of those suggestions look amazing. I would say the MD Tribute (and all Turbines) is rolled off as the graph above indicates. I would like to hear from someone who was in the same boat.
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Well, here I am once again after trying a few more including the SE215.
I'm still looking - any more ideas? I'm not looking for basshead, just warm, big sound stage close to $100. Thanks.
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