Monster Turbine Pro Copper, new in box (never been opened), authentic with receipt so you can get the lifetime warranty
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Jan 25, 2010
I have a new in box, never been opened Monster Turbine Pro Copper set for sale.
When I say it has never been opened, I mean the box is still in the original plastic-wrap, it has literally never been opened. It's new, not refurbished.
A scan of my receipt (redacted) from an authorized Monster Cable dealer included.
This receipt proves that they are authentic. I'm just blacking out my name so nobody can claim to be me. Now, a person could adjust that scanned receipt with a little photoshop or what have you. Once the scan says your own name, you get the lifetime warranty (all Monster asks is that you have a scan of a receipt from an authorized dealer*--which is exactly what you will have).Not that I said to do that
*A fellow just wrote to let me know he bought an mtpc from somebody else. He said the seller got it from Monster's official Ebay store--but Monster Cable doesn't have an Ebay store. He bought a fake pair of earphones and there's no warranty for him.
These are great, well-balanced, top-tier earphones with excellent bass and well-extended treble.
I'm putting them up because I've been listening to my customs.
$175, I'm only charging $5 shipping, CONUS only.
Payment by paypal, (add 3.5% if not by gift).
I'd prefer not to go international (these are never serious offers, not sure why), but a serious international offer will be considered. You can use to calculate international shipping for a 2lbs, 2oz package from New York City to your country-- remember to use registered mail!
PM me if interested.
I'd also trade for a well-cared for Sony Ex-1000
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