Monster Turbine In Ear Speakers or Klipsch Image S4
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New Head-Fier
Jun 22, 2009
Hi, I'm Bridgette and I'm new to the forum.
I'm looking to purchase some new headphones because I want to improve my sound quality, I can't afford super expensive ones although it would be nice so at the moment I'm looking at either the Monster Turbines or the Klipsch S4s.

At the moment I own V-Moda Bass Freq's and I really like them. Before that I owned the Xtrememac FS1's.

I am mainly looking for:
---> Excellent, deep bass but also pretty good mids and highs.
---> Cannot be over $155
---> Comfortable for extended use (I know this is largely subjective but still)
---> Durability (but if a case is included this kind of varies)
*Deep bass is a must! I love my mids and highs but I love the low end more.*

Please help me in this purchase and if you have other suggestions outside of these two please let me know (and include your experience or opinion).
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I own TB's and they have good deep bass without coloring the mids and treble to much IMO, they also have decent detail, and not to bad sound stage. I would go with them.
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I am another Turbine owner, and I love them. The bass is deep and smooth so bass drums thump hard and bass guitars have depth. The soundstage is pretty good too. As far as detail goes they're not the most analytical headphones out there - I needed to set my ipod to treble boost to really get the highs to open up.

You might want to check out this thread though because the headphones reviewed in it are marked as "turbine killers."

EDIT: welcome!
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Here is a similar discussion on the topic and if you scroll to the bottom of the page you will see a comparison given though the poster says they were not burned in, if that does indeed matter to you. You can pick up both at Best Buy if you live in the states which come with a 30 day return policy and no restocking fee.

As to my thoughts of the s4's and their quality I would have to say very impressed. They are not done burning in but honestly with where they are at now I would be absolutely content if they didn't change more though I'll also accept better
. While I believe burn is predominantly mental and just a bit mechanical, the headphones were harsh on my ears and were hurting me a bit at first with songs with a lot of treble and that has subsided and I certainly question me negating pain being psychological. Detail is quite good, amazing I think for the price, and I can easily tell the difference between 192 kbps and 320 kbps files of the same song. I have been on a flac binge and can tell when a encoding has gone wrong with these headphones vs my generic computer speakers which I remain oblivious. The bass is tight, hits hard and goes deep. Listen to "falling away from me" by Korn and prepare to be amazed. I've been listening to some classics like "stand by me" which makes the larger string instruments sound wonderful and Ben E. King's voice smooth and absolutely delightful. These are a bit warm but not too much in my opinion. The mid-range is great and really stands out in many songs. They are very comfortable though I do which they came with more tips. I enjoy these much more than my previous se310 shures and I let my friend who owns atrio m5's try them and he enjoyed the bottom end impact. He listens primarily to electronic and is quite the bass head so that's a pretty big endorsement. He prefers his atrio's but for me I find the bass overpowering especially because I also listen to a lot of soft and alternative rock beside metal, hip hop and the other hard hitting bass music. Good luck.

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