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Monster Turbine *COPPER Fake?

  1. clee290
    I saw a pair of supposedly-new Monster Turbine Copper edition for around $150. How high are the chances that they are fake? I saw some other ones for a bit less, but from China. These are from the US so is there still a high chance that they are fake?
  2. azncookiecutter
    From eBay or retail?
  3. clee290
    I found these from eBay.
  4. gameboy115
    That becomes some of threads I would see every week.
    YES, FROM EBAY, IT IS FAKE....................
  5. Myriad
    Yeah I had a look at the Turbines on eBay and most of them seem to be fakes.  This video covers the basics.
  6. alphaphoenix
    Do not get anything from eBay for less then what the big name stores and brick and motar business sell them for. My friend bought some on eBay for $90 compared to my real one's and from a distance it seems to good to be  true because it is.  The fakes are a nice try, the tips are crap, the weight in the earpiece is half of the real thing, and the cable is of less quality and stiffness.  Unless the seller can guarantee and provide proof that they were originally purchased from a credible seller, save your self the trouble, grief, and smacking yourself on the forehead. 
    I think most of the fakes are well known by the sellers, and they play stupid when asked questions on authenticity and down right lie.  Many years ago, say ten, things on eBay were a good deal and most likely the real deal.  Now, a lot has gone to hell and back.  Ebay pretty much controls the whole auction and payment process since acquiring PayPal.
  7. KarlAgathon
    Basically what alphaphoenix said. if its that cheap on ebay, its most likely a fake.
  8. ShyFroggy
    if they send anything at all :p  Although I guess they can deny they are fake, while it would be harder to prove they had sent an item when they had not.
  9. hanes
    Hi! What do you think about this?
    Fake, too? 
    Cheers, Hannes
  10. myturbine
    eBay is not the enemy but I'd say get small stuff from eBay.  Things that others find an excess and it maybe treasure to you.  Buying new items on eBay especially once that cause 3 times more in regular stores isn't really saving money.  I call it plain and simple 'stupid'.  Unless of course your ultimate purpose is to flaunt it away regardless of authenticity or you're just too lazy to do some research.  399 for the real thing and less than a hundred for the fake?  I would just keep my 100 bucks and buy something 'authentic' with it.  Besides quality and warranty, I am sure that I am getting the real thing and not supporting counterfeits.

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