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Monster Beats Pro is like a Sony XB

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by wind016, Aug 24, 2011.
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  1. wind016
    When I heard the Monster Beats Pro, I thought it actually sounded pretty good, but now I look at the Innerfidelity graphs, it seems the PRO actually measures better. Other than the treble to being tamer on the PRO which isn't necessarily a bad thing, the PRO seems to have the advantage overall.
    UPDATE: moved from page 8 after I finally got a pair for myself.
    How should I say this now? I can not standing listening to the Beats Pros without EQ or for long periods. I've burned them in a few hours while I left the house and they started to open up. The bass started clearing out and I can hear more clearly. The 500-1K sibilance/distortion is still there and in addition to a painful 5K distortion. Also, the clamping is incredibly tight.
    However, adjusting an equalizer like this
    makes it fairly decent sounding. Warm and not very offending. Sounds good with these kind of jazz/hip-hop tracks as long as the EQ is running

    or with Lady Gaga style pop music.
    Vocals are pleasant and full as long as the 5K frequency is lowered. With an EQ, the headphone is not particularly offending. Without EQ, I'm not surprised people don't like them. There is much more distortion when music is playing than the graph would lead you to believe. If you do not EQ, the distortion is very apparent.
    The headphone has plenty of midrange distortion, but EQing is fairly effective at hiding it. I suppose if you like a headphone which sounds like a better version of Sony XB700 and is OK with keeping the distortion hidden under EQ, you might like the Beats Pros. As for me, I'm getting irritated listening to them. EQing them doesn't make them sound bad, but they don't sound like $400. Maybe around $200 would be right as that is the amount of clarity I would expect from a $80 headphone with this amount of bass. If I had to guess, Monster demo sources have some sort of frequency recession around 5K to keep the distortion from being noticeable.
    I'm not going to bother with a review. I'll be returning them.
  2. BotByte
    The Pro has a bloated bass line, shrinking highs, simplistic response patterns and pretty horrid square wave patterns.
    How can you try to compare them with a flagship?
  3. wind016

    Frequency response aside (it's a DJ headphone), the 30hz square wave graph is clearly better on the Pros. I'm not sure which 300hz graph could be better, since neither of the patterns seem ideal. The impulse graph is also better on the Pros. Considering the Pros can be had at 1/3rd the price of an ED8 new and 1/5th the price used, price-to-performance ratio seems to side with the Pros now.
  4. MegaMushroom
    I've heard some unkind things said about both headphones...  I find them both to be **** good looking headphones, but the Beats left me a bit unimpressed with their sound quality.  Maybe it was the source, or maybe it was the song, but the Beats did not deliver in the bass department for me at all.  Never mind the rest. As for the Edition series... I'd have to hear it to decide, but the rather steep (insane) price leaves me a bit cold. 
    Funny on how headroom has gotten different results... Arguing with graphs is a bit hard when there is more than one source.  I honestly believe that the Edition 8s are far better in terms of sound quality... just not sure by how much....
    Side note: Not sure if I got the right Beats headphone for this graph, but the other 2 choices are even more ridiculous. 
  5. MalVeauX
    I've read a lot of flack against the Edition 8 not actually being a great headphone. So I wouldn't be too surprised about it comparing, or falling, to pretty much anything costing less than it. They just... look... so... good.
    Very best,
  6. wind016

    Headroom doesn't have the Beats PRO graph posted.  http://www.headphone.com/headphones/monster-beats-pro.php
    It's actually the graph for the Beats Studio. http://www.headphone.com/headphones/monster-beats-by-dre-studio.php
    It maybe a case of over-expectations and under-expectations, but I have the same "it sounds pretty good" feeling for both headphones. Nothing that blew me away, but they sounded good. The ED8 did not satisfy the basshead in me even with plenty of Cowon J3 equalization. I haven't tried EQing the Beats PRO though.
    I'm looking for a fun, EQ-friendly bassy closed headphone, so I might give the Beats Pro a chance. The price of the ED8 makes me faint.

    Maybe, I should try something more in the lines of the Beats PRO pricing. The Ultrasone PRO 900 measures way worse. http://www.innerfidelity.com/images/UltrasonePRO900.pdf
    What do you think? The basshead in me is itching.
  7. SkinnyPuppy
    With the ED8 you're paying for the expensive metal, not the sound. I'm not surprised that the Beats Pro perform better than the ED8.
    These aren't frequency response charts!!!
  8. Satellite_6
    ^LOL. . . 
  9. Head Injury
    Wow, look at how smooth ruthenium's frequency response is.
    burnliff and Kaffeemann like this.
  10. Graphicism Contributor
    No Ultrasone measures correctly... the AKG K701 has better bass than the HFI-780 according to Headroom, I think they have since taken the FR graphs down.
  11. MalVeauX


    Well, if we strictly looked at graphs and tried to find a basshead headphone, I think we'd all fall pretty short of what we thought we were going to hear. It's crazy how graphs can show excellent bass, and then sound anemic. And how a graph can show a flat response, or even lower bass response, and yet sound like it's bassy as all get out.
    Take any graph Headroom has and compare it to the XB500.
    Very best,
  12. wind016

    However, the Beats Pro also seem to compare with the Denon D7000 with a better 30hz square wave graph and more sub-bass extension.
  13. wind016


    I know what you mean so I while I trust FR graphs, I still expect to play with EQing also and test bass impact potential also. I'm also considering the other measurements as well and considering the competition, it's not bad. High-end basshead headphone market is fairly lacking in competition and none of them have very high bass impact capacity.
  14. MalVeauX


    I'm rather impressed with the HE-500's for bass. Their graph and other reviews did not prepare me for the amount of face-shake these babies bring to the table. Graph didn't even come close to what I'm hearing. I don't even miss my PRO 900's.
    Very best,
  15. Armaegis
    I wish places like Headroom and Innerfidelity had the waterfall plots along with the FR plots.


    I dunno... it kind looks like this...
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