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Monster Beat headphones

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by gradoman, Jun 23, 2010.
  1. Gradoman
    A friend is interested in these pair of headphones, I wish to buy the headphones as a gift. Any feedback about them? Never heard them myself. Source is a ipod, needs to block out sound. Any similar, suitable phones to consider? I noticed the Monster Beats are powered, any explanation why it's needed? I guess looking for closed back easy to drive phones. thanks
  2. NapalmK
    Welcome to Head-Fi.
    That's pretty nice of you. I've heard the beats and can safely say there are much better cans in their price range. What kind of music does your friend listen to?
  3. Mr Joboto
    Yup, if you're willing to spend that money on the Beats there are better options in that price range, if you can let us know what music is going to be going through them :)
  4. Ishcabible


    You can do a lot better for the price. Their bass is bloated, mids are recessed, and treble is kinda bad, but they aren't as bad as everyone here says. They're "powered" because they're noise cancelling and they need batteries for it. Closed back headphones from an iPod in this price range is kind of few and far between. I kind of like the A series from Audio Technica, but some others despise them. I'd assume if he wants Beats, he'd hate the K271, which sounds okay from an iPod.
  5. Uncle Erik Contributor
    Don't buy the Beats. They're bloated bass monsters that put bloat ahead of everything else. If you just want a boomy, thumping sound, buy a subwoofer and run it without speakers. That's more or less what the Beats sound like. You might be able to make out a little of the vocals, but not enough to make them worth it.

    For the price, there's much better out there.
  6. classakg
    How i wish to have more friends like you...
    Like the guys say, you can find better headphones at lower prices.
    Whats your budget? 
  7. maverickronin
    I almost just wrote this same answer a few minutes ago...
    Budget and genres for more tailored recommendations.
  8. Gradoman
    thanks for the info. Don't mind going up to Stax SR007 Omega Reference Kimik or Sennheiser Orpheus.
    What about Denon AH-D1000 or AH-D2000 phones?
  9. desktophifi


    If you use the AH-D2000 with an ipod, they will sound weak and with less punch. 
    What about another M50's suggestion? 
  10. Mr Joboto
    Yeah, go M50 instead. Unless you really want to buy minisubwoofers, like the XB700
  11. sh00t4par
    You know I have the Beats and even thought they are not my favorite and I have talked bad about them I still use them every time with my iPhone. You can't beat having the iPod Control and mic right there for you. Honestly they are not the worst sounding things out there. Maybe it's just cause they are associated with Dr Dre but every time I listen to The Chronic album with them it just sounds really good. :)
  12. Gradoman
    o Sennheiser PX100 or PX100 mark II, are the Mark II's worth the extra? 
  13. pinkfox
    Hi everyone,
    I am a proud owner of Monster Beats headset. My boyfriend has bought another headset and I decided to purchase an expensive one. I hope that they can live up to expectations. And it could, I am sooo happy with the head seat! It took a little longer for me to receive the head seat because it was stopped at customs. I have called customer service and they gave me tracking number for the shipment. I checked where my package bar, ie at the post office and customs. Two days after I got a pick-up note from the record and has taken beloved item min. Headset looks very good in the ear as well, some other earbuds stick out too much and look funny, but these not only sound good, but they also look great too. I would not recommend only these earbuds, but all of Monster, they do the best thing out there. And I've got all the parts of my package. I can listen to a good music in the grand style thanks to my fancy headset! hurraaaa
    I bought them from this company, I can recommend them, too.http://www.mytrendyphone.co.uk/shop/search-1.html?keyword=Monster+Beats
  14. astroid
    Beats get a bad 'rap' here, the original beats Solo were pretty bad but the studios and the new Solo HD have some great qualities, although they are pricey...
  15. LionTamer
    People on here love to bash the Monster headphones...but the Studios are quite good for what they do.  The sound is as good as I've heard straight out of an iPod on compressed modern recordings, so if that's the intended use, then go for it.  Others to consider are the Audio-Tecnica's that are so frequently mentioned, and the Shure SRH840's which have a completely different sound signature.

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