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Monoprice Monolith M1060 and M560 Planar Headphones

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by wordfool, Sep 13, 2016.
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  1. OldDude04
    It's from Periapt Cables. I wanted a longer than stock cable as well, so I went with the 7ft. They make up to 10ft though if you need it. I really liked how they sent a paper with the cable letting me know who tested, on what headphone, and what song was used, it was a nice touch.

    OFCbjbE.jpg 4Nqw2jm.jpg
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  2. headenvelopedinsound
    Join their mailing group and you get 10% off. I paid like $26 for mine. When I took my stock pads off it all came with it, the felt backing and all. I put them right on no issues. Just lined them up just right and pressed down, the glue left from stock pads was plenty. I did have the stock foam out before the change and liked it but I put the stock foam back in under the outside metal grill for now. So prettt much I have stock m1060s with just the pads removed and put these suede ones on. I’ve got the veluer kind on my ath-m50 and they also make me a little itchy after a bit. These suede pads are super comfy. I am sure there probably is better but I don’t think I really have a reason to try anything else out with these results. Mild Eqing and I am super happy.
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  3. Brahmsian
    I went to Vesper Audio but don't see them. Where do I look?
  4. OldDude04
    There isn't a pic or page with my specific pads because they are custom order. You'd need to contact them and tell them you want some black all Alcantara pads with memory foam for the M1060.
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  5. nicholars
    Don't these have extreme ringing at 5Khz? Is there any mod to fix this?
  6. DrSchnickistein
    The primary source of ringing are the grilles reflecting too much. Replacing it with something more open and adding fuzzors are relatively pain free mods
  7. Artyouth
    I don't think ringing on m1060 is related to grill. It related to drivers and ears. Modding can lower them to a level I agree.

    I never hear ringing from open box. However one time when I accidentally wear the cans L/R reversed (my pads without angle). I hear far whistling on my left ear! Then I reversed L/F, the whistling gone.

    After several testing such as reverse cable, amp L/R connection, channel shift in software and shift pads... I found the Right driver have very minor ringing but Left is zero(even without grill and damping).
    And my left ear can hear this 5k frequency better then right ear. So if I wear the ringing driver on my weak ear. I don't hear any ringing at all. But the ture is the ringing is always exist. This depends on the driver quality and your hearing ability.
    Last edited: Feb 24, 2019
  8. nicholars
    Are there any graphs of the ringing before and after mods? I found some on google, but there still seems to be a large wall of ringing at 5Khz, maybe it is not actually that audible, but then a couple of reviews I read, said the ringing is so bad it instantly makes the headphones useless (to those reviewers), maybe it is something some people hear and other don't.

    Or possibly you can reduce it with mods, to a level where it is not a problem. I can say personally if I noticed a large amount of ringing at 5Khz, I would not be able to "un notice" it and it would probably be a big problem. Other than this issue, these are extremely interesting considering the price and also 5 year warranty. Looks like they definitely need modding, but that is part of the fun I guess. Do you find the ringing a problem at all after those mods?

    Also with the post above, maybe it is a QC issue? Rather than something they all have? possibly those reviews had a bad example? Whereas other people who like them possibly had better drivers with less ringing? Artyouth just said only 1 of the drivers had ringing, assuming this is correct and not a problem with hearing etc. Maybe it is a QC issue and not something they all have.
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  9. OldDude04

    I've had no 5k ringing in either pair I have, one that's modified and one that's not. Below is a post I made when someone was asking about the bad things they'd read about the M1060:

  10. nicholars
    Thing is though I would love to see some actual measurements showing no problems around 5Khz, possibly it is just something you do not notice? I don't know... Certainly these are interesting for the price though, and that 5 year warranty is VERY nice considering planar drivers can be unreliable. BUT I think that ringing at 5Khz would bother me, maybe with mods it is not a big problem, I might try some of these though, but I notice most problems with headphones and once I notice something I cannot stop being irritated by it!
  11. nicholars
    This is an example of what I am worried about, that ridge at 5Khz is pretty massive! Reminds me of "the wall" in Game of Thrones!!

  12. OldDude04
    Worth a shot and Monoprice has a good return policy if they end up being something you can't use.
  13. Shroomalistic
    tore the stock pads up on my M560's!!! Let the pad swapping begin. Currently got my zmf oval sheepskin and they fit great and dramatic improvement in bass. Gonna do some gaming to see if they increase the soundstage being angled pads and all. I dont know why i didnt get the balls to do this sooner.


    Dont shy out on these cans, omg they keep getting better
    Last edited: Feb 24, 2019
  14. Tony51
    I have the M560 also, how did you do the swap? Did you use the magnetic portion? Zmf pads, are they still available?
  15. Shroomalistic
    yeah i took the ring that attaches the stock pads on and completely removed it from the pads. It comes out at a disc with 4 magnets and 3 prongs. Stock pads are demolished but totally worth it.
    ZMF pads are always available.
    I think ori's might work too. I dont want to remove mine from my he4xx's yet to try. The ovals are amazing. Really took these can to a whole new level.
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