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Monoprice Monolith M1060 and M560 Planar Headphones

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by wordfool, Sep 13, 2016.
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  1. Jim85IROC
    It seems to depend on the listener. I don't hear the 5k ringing, but I do find these headphones to be very fatiguing for long listening periods. I bought them with the hopes of replacing my HD600s as my "all day" headphones at work, but I just can't take them for long, even though I love how they sound. I've tried some steep notch filters around the 5k range in hopes of eliminating the fatiguing aspect, but so far I haven't been successful, even though I've tried moving that notch center frequency all around.

    It's a real shame, because I love how they sound... I just can't stand them for long. :frowning2:
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  2. timb5881
    Is it the sound or the fit that is fatiguing you? Like you I enjoy the sound, but the comfort of the fit that can get to me after a while.
  3. Jim85IROC
    100% the sound. I find them to be perfectly comfortable, and it's not a physical type of fatigue, it's that "internal bleeding ears headache" type of discomfort.
  4. jotaku
    I can't recommend the fuzzor mod enough. It really does help with the fatigue. After taking out the foam between the grills and the drivers (which I did pretty quickly) I couldn't listen to them for long. But after the fuzzor mod I can listen to them for hours.
  5. shahkhan
  6. fpantalone
    They would be V2. I don't think Monoprice would be shipping out the notorious V1's at this point. They've suffered enough I'm sure ... :)
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  7. Jim85IROC
    I'm planning on taking them home with me over Christmas vacation and doing the fuzzor mod. If that doesn't help, off to the Classifieds they go.
  8. J-Fly
    That's what I thought but after my experience I'm not so sure. Would a company be so cruel to house all original versions that were returned, refurbish them to working condition and prepare them for a big sale (Black Friday, Clearance, etc.)?
  9. fpantalone
    Well ... with the 2.5 connectors you know they're the V2's ... My V1's fell apart before my eyes, but the V2's have been fine. No cracks, no headband issues ... nada. Still a great bang for the buck in my opinion and for my taste. A few inexpensive mods and they're 95 percenters !! That said ... I'm 'hoping' the Verums are going to blow them away and I'll put the 1060's up for sale. Stay tuned :)
  10. fortunate son
    I recently bought M1060 cans from the monoprice.com online store at a $199.99 price. They appeared to be brand new. The package arrived 2 days after I placed the order. After a 150 hour burn in and trying better cables, I disliked the sound and fit of the cans and decided to return them for a refund. Monoprice immediately issued me a RMA number and refunded me the same day that they received the headphones back. I later bought a Monoprice Monolith LIquid Platinum amp on ebay that arrived in only 3 days. It also appeared to be brand new. I have nothing but good things to say about Monoprice.
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  11. shahkhan
    What aspect of the sound signature you didn't like? Is it lacking bass or they too bright?
    Last edited: Dec 20, 2018
  12. fortunate son
    To me, the decision to keep or return cans is based on whether I want to keep listening or not and comfort. If the cans are evocative of the sound of live music and are comfortable, I will keep. If not, they are returned. I very much believe in the truth of the saying that talking about music is like dancing about architecture. The same holds true for talking about headphones as for music in my opinion. To me, you just have to try the cans and you either like them overall or you send them back or sell them or take a chance on doing the mods and hope that after the mods they will sound so much better that you will want to keep them. I also thought the cans were uncomfortable on my large 7 3/4 hat size head and the pads made my ears sweat after only a few minutes. So, for me, these cans were so far off the mark from anything I want to have in my headphone collection that I decided to send them back rather than mess around with mods.
  13. sacd lover
    Just bought a 21 band EQ. I played with the 4khz and 6khz band (the actual supposed ringing is at 4.5khz) and no difference. I really question if this supposed ringing is audible. I can certainly heat the EQ dropping the levels at 4 and 6khz. I do not hear any major improvement from doing so. I ended up dropping the 4khz band 2 db and I am not sure I like even this small chang yet. I also looked at the entire frequency response and tried to bump the small dip centered at 500 hz a 1-2 db's. I preferred the sound without the bump. I have two M1060 v2's and no ringing with either. Maybe I am getting some type of unexplainable synergy with the Cavalli Liquid Spark I use to drive the 1060's.

    As a side not the EQ does very good things for both the Senn 58x and especially the 6xx .... clearly audible improvements around 6khz that bother me with the 6xx.

    I still absolutely love the M1060's. Even with the EQ improving the Senns I am so impressed when I put the 1060's on.

    EDIT: One more thing. I took an Atticus online hearing test and a second test just to confirm the first one. I received 5 out of 5 both ears on the Atticus. I also tried the test that you can hear the tones as frequency rises and I can very easily hear 4-5khz. I could still hear everything clearly up to around 13.5khz and maybe slightly above (13.75khz). I did this because I am 62.5 years old. So, I have no hearing hole or problem at that 4-5khz frequency.
    Last edited: Jan 5, 2019
  14. tempwave
    I just picked a pair of these up with fuzzor mod. Should I remove the mod? Does it make much difference at all? I did swap the pads with some zmf pads which seems to make them more comfortable.
  15. AJZ0
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