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Monolith M300 In Ear Planar Earphones

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  1. harpo1
    I don't see an option to select the size you want. Are the three sets different sizes?
  2. joenoone
    Yes, its a set of small, medium, and large size.
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  3. harpo1
    Thanks! Ordered three sets.
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  4. ggibby
    [QUOTE="joenoone, post: 14671144, member: 486901... I just got from Aliexpress these eartips and they work perfectly. Best $1.24 I spent.[/QUOTE]

    I dug around in my audiobox and came up with these:https://amzn.to/2AfzUSx

    that are working pretty well so far. I have the Bose-style tips too, but have not tried them, since these fit.
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  5. slapo
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  6. joenoone
    Ohhh - I like those. I didn't realize at first glance they allow you to have any eartips you want with those (they go behind the tips). I might have to try those.
  7. tr33beard
    Just picked up a set of these and they had a serious channel imbalance. Right side was noticeably quieter than then left. Shame to get only 20 minutes with them before shipping back. Has this been a common problem for anyone?
  8. ggibby
    Yes - very convenient.
    My advice for anybody ordering the M300 is to also get these wings and a lightweight replacement cable,
    (my choice: https://www.parts-express.com/talen...x-cable-with-mic-for-in-ear-monitors--233-188)
    burn in and rock out.
    The stock cable has a firmer connection, but I *think* it weighs more than the speakers, SMH
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  9. timb5881
    I purchased a memory cable for about $10 off Amazon. A lot lighter than the stock cable.
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  10. joenoone
    Mine started that way, but after burning them in overnight they were fine and sounded much better.
  11. ggibby
    Are you inverting the speakers so the memory section goes up & over to hold them?
    I tried that with the stock tips but the nozzle angle didn't work.
    Last edited: Dec 31, 2018
  12. tr33beard
    Thanks, guess I'll give the next pair a bit longer before I make any decisions.
  13. Toastybob
    Try switching sides too. You can connect the left cable to the right earpiece and vice versa.
  14. ggibby
    The stock cable is just stupid, in my opinion - it drags down and disrupts the fit.
    I'm considering stripping the sheathing, but doubt if it will be much lighter.

    Trying to find a smooth (not twisted, braided, or sheathed) MMCX cable with no memory wire and no microphone *and* straight connectors is proving tricky.
    There's one at PartsExpress
    - any others?
    Last edited: Jan 9, 2019
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  15. timb5881
    Looks to be a decent cable for money.
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