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Monolith M300 In Ear Planar Earphones

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  1. Frank88
    Thanks YoungArthur, the diameters are different, and yes, I am still making both for fellow headfiers. There are about twenty of us using the 3D printed horseshoe clips with amazon/aliexpress/ebay/earhooks. We've been using this combo for about a year now and it's worked out quite well for everyone.
  2. Cyberthingy
    Hey Guys, I recently purchased a pair of the M300 planars and have been doing some listening after about 40-50 hours of break in but so far I can't really get into the sound of them. They seem veiled to me. Just seem to lack clarity and air. I have been trying a lot of other IEMs such as Fiio FH5, TFZ King Pro, and a few other hybrid variants and really enjoy those. I haven't done any adjustments to the ear clips as I don't really mind them too much and wanted to nail down the sound before I put effort into improving comfort which really isn't bad so far. No broken clips after 10 or so listening sessions. I have added some EQ to lift the treble a bit and a slight boost in sub bass regions to try and make them sound more dynamic but just can't seem to get there. I guess my question is this. Should I give them more time to "break in" or allow me to become conditioned to them or is it possible they just aren't my cup of tea? Anyone else find they needed time to settle in?

  3. timb5881
    They do take a time break in. I have tried some eq in the treble and a little in the bass., but I usually go back to no eq. The detail can be increased by which ear tips you use. Some claim a tight fit with foam reduces detail. Many say a looser fit is better. Also look over at the isine 10 and 20 thread. They may have other suggestions as to eq and ear tips. Amplification also is a big factor. The M300's are 22 ohms and some amps do not like low impedance. Also some small players do not have enough power to drive them well.
  4. trellus
    I've always thought the M300 sounded kind of off, to the point that my pair have mostly languished in a case largely unused..

    ...but I just now discovered they sound a LOT better using Sonarworks True-Fi using the Foster T50RP MK3 profile - and Comply T-600 tips. I'm on the ten-day free trial of True-Fi, and I'm seriously thinking I'll fork over the $79 to buy a license when the trial ends.
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  5. Cyberthingy
    Thanks for the feedback. I'll do some more experimenting before I give up on them. My intent was to use them with portable solutions rather than at my desk. I have decent DAPs and an Earstudio ES100 that should all drive them fairly well. My initial listening was from my Desktop PC at work and using my HiBy R3. The ES100 may help as I love it with other IEMs.
  6. Cyberthingy
    That's an interesting suggestion. I may just try it out as well. Although, I did not intend to use the M300s with my MAC or PC but rather with portable players. I just went to their site and are offering a free trial til the end of October.
  7. trellus
    Same here -- I prefer big, over-ear headphones when I'm at my Mac (home) or PC (work). I just decided to test the M300 on a lark, even though it's not an official supported headphone with their True-Fi product (you can send in any headphones for custom personalization at the cost of about $200), but I found that the setting for the Fostex T50RP MK3, which they do support, substantially improved the sound (to my ears at least).

    They announced on their Twitter back in late Sept (Sept 28) that their mobile apps for iOS and Android are now in internal testing and a release of the mobile app is imminent (no specific date yet, though, unfortunately), and if you purchase the desktop software license, it seems that the mobile app will be completely free with that license:


    And here is a link to be notified when the mobile app is released:

    Screenshot 2018-10-06 10.22.07.png
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  8. timb5881
    You can try out Math Audio Headphone eq, it is free and works on FooBarr2k. It will give you some idea of what eq's work well with the M300. When I use it, I have a raise starting at 2k continuing up to 18k. This works with PCM files, as there is no way to add any DSP to DSD files. Just remember different tips will change the sound.
    Last edited: Oct 6, 2018
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  9. timb5881
    I just tried this the other day. Right now I am just trying to get grip right, too tight at the moment.
  10. hrbngr
    I just purchased the M300s w/the BF sale $99, gonna contact Frank to get some clips if they are still available and then buy the clips from Amazon or where ever. I am still looking for a decent $15-25 mmcx cable if anyone has any recommendations in that area.
  11. timb5881
    I purchased a silver plated cable on Amazon for about $10. Search for mmcx memory cable. Mine is very light and holds a hook shape.
  12. hrbngr
    thanks for the recommendations. I purchased a cable and clips from amazon and the hooks from Frank. Will cross my fingers that I get a good example of the M300 and don't have to mess around w/Monoprice customer service, as many of the posters have done.
  13. timb5881
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  14. joenoone
    So for those struggling with the ear clips, I went another route as I assumed the ear clip would bug the crap out of me (especially wearing glasses). I first tried using the inner ear clips that came with along with foam tips which was ok, but I just got from Aliexpress these eartips and they work perfectly. Best $1.24 I spent.

    Last edited: Dec 21, 2018
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  15. timb5881
    I have those, they work great
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